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The Story of Pro-Fit Personal Training

The Story of Pro-Fit

Pro-Fit was set up in 2002 for the following 2 reasons:

  • To combine exercise, nutrition and motivational coaching along with amazing customer service to help people achieve phenomenal results
  • To build a team of outstanding Personal Training who are all committed to becoming the best they can be. What didn’t really exist for Personal Training was regular training and development or the opportunity to make a real career in their area of passion.

For Graham & Steve (company owners) it all started a long time ago with an obsession for health, fitness and sport from an early age. As it can be seen by the picture, Graham was winning races from primary school, taking this forward to being a successful county level athlete.

Steve’s trophy collection also began at primary school (see pic) with Sports Personality & Captains trophy. This was followed through to his teenage years where he went on to represent his county at Football and in swimming.

They both went successfully through school, college and university where they studied Sports Science.

Next Graham became the Head of Fitness at Manchester’s first 5* hotel – the Lowry. This is where he met Steve. They worked together for 18 months gaining many new qualifications and building a successful personal training model.

Having both left at the same time graham decided to go it alone and set up Pro-Fit Personal Training whilst Steve went to become Fitness Manager at Manchester’s award winning health club, GL14.The plan was always to join up again in the future and that’s exactly what happened 18months later.

From humble beginnings (add mums micra) driving house to house as home based Personal Training, the team began to grow.

Graham and Steve have always been passionate about providing Personal Training with a long term career and the opportunity to become outstanding and weekly training was the norm from day 1.

Client care and results was also a top priority and the now famous Pro-Fit events started with a small team for the very first Great Manchester Run.

As the team ploughed all their money into courses it was evident that in order to grow and have a real impact they need to expand into gyms.

The first gym contract came in Wilmslow at Energie Health Club and the team expanded from 4-10 trainers within 12 months.

Next was the Bolton Arena and the team as well as the training model for the trainers really started to grow.

Pro-Fit now provide outstanding Personal Training for Total Fitness and Gymetc as well as for a number of independent clubs and studios.

The first Pro-Fit Physiotherapy clinic is now also open at The Marriot Hotel in Hale Barns

There is an ongoing passion for training and development as well as outstanding results and service for members of the Pro-Fit family.

Trainers receive weekly training and mentoring in order to help them be the best they can be.

Regular member events include:

  • nowden trips
  • Summer Rounders and Sports days
  • The best Christmas Parties bar none

Every month Pro-Fit HQ receives hundreds of calls and emails from both potential clients and from Personal Training who all want to get involved in the Pro-Fit model of personal training.

The team of trainers at Pro-Fit are amongst the best around and are now considered the biggest and best Personal Training Team in the UK (trainers page). See below for why they are so happy at Pro-Fit.

Pro-Fit is literally my life. I wake up every morning and love to go to work, I never thought that was possible in a job. To me, it doesn’t seem like a job it is just the way I lead my life.

I will do everything I can to help build the brand and support others. I know there is a great network of people around me who are always contactable and ready to help if I have any problems. Better than that, systems and solutions are in place that means that most problems are pre-empted. My colleagues are also some of my best friends. As are some of my clients. Working at Pro-Fit has given me the confidence to do things I never thought possible. I truly believe I am a better and different person for being accepted by Pro-Fit and it was my destiny to work as part of this tribe.

The Pro-Fit culture has made a huge difference to me I have become a much more motivated, confident and energetic person. Being in such a inspiring and fun culture drives me to make myself and my business better constantly and I am constantly achieving and setting bigger goals!! I have found since I have been in this culture that a lot of things in my life have started to even out and I have finally found a path/career in life with a beaming light at the end of the tunnel.
Simon Hall

Pro-Fit to me is more than just a place of work, It has become a way of life, a group of people who I enjoy being around and an environment which I know brings the best out in me. I have met some of the most passionate people I know and have made some lifetime friends. The culture of the team is fast thinking and fast moving which is exciting and challenging. You are constantly pushing the boundaries for yourself, and what people think “can” be done. With the mentoring, training and support you receive it allows you to do this and keep furthering your career and opportunities. Pro-Fit is quite simply the best place I have ever worked... they’ll carry me out in an Pro-Fit coffin!!
Paul Campey

Being part of Pro-Fit means being part of a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate, inspirational and committed to changing the industry for the better…all of this is done in a fun, energetic and dynamic environment where nothing is too much and everything is possible. Being part of Pro-Fit means being part of an extended family, offering an amazing support network where people’s goals become reality.
Sally Bolton

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