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Q: Why should I train with you?
A: We really understand that it must be difficult to make a decision on who to believe, who to trust, who actual delivers on their promises and who is just in it for a quick sale. At the end of the day it is your precious time, your body, your mind and your life (not to mention your money!!) that is at stake here. At Pro-Fit we recognise this is a decision not to be taken lightly and we want to help you make the right choice to get the best results – after all this is what every single person wants – RESULTS! The Pro-Fit system not only guarantees results, we promise to smash your goals, leave you feeling fantastic, looking great and loving the new you. We pride ourselves on our high level client service, amazing results and over 10 years of being trusted to help people just like you.
Q: Why are pro-fit different?
A: Pro-Fit is not your average personal training company. We have been around longer than most and get better result than most and look after our clients better than most. Don’t take our word for it just look at the testimonials we get every week. We are here for you, and always give ten times the value of your investment in yourself. You receive undivided one on one attention for a complete mind and body makeover. It’s specifically designed to deliver maximum results in the quickest time possible. These aren’t just an ‘exercise sessions’ these are major leaps towards the body of your dreams. That is why we get amazing results. That is why we can guarantee the results
Q: What is the money back guarantee?
A: This is where we take all the risk away from you. If you follow the systems and process we put in place and you commit to your goals as much as we do you will get the results you deserve. We are so confindent of this that we give you a 100% money back guarantee. If you following everything we put in place and do not get the results we will give you back every penny and train you for free until you do get the result.
Q: Do I get nutrition advice?
A: YES. 70-80% of any body shape goal is down to nutrition. We have an expert nutrition team in place to help you every step of the way whatever you goal is. There are recipe books, weekly eating plans, bespoke nutrition plans for each person, detox plans, muscle building plane, rapid weight loss and fat loss plans. And NO…IT IS NOT A FAD DIET. FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK. We look at your their lifestyle and design a nutrition plan that is realistic for the long term and builds health from the inside out.
Q: What if I’ve never exercised before?
A: You are not alone. In fact, investing in some expert help is perfect for people who are new to exercise. This will avoid any mistakes, unproductive sessions, uncertainty in the gym, and make sure your health & fitness gets off to the best possible start. You will be given the perfect plan for you and shown how to best increase you fitness for your specific situation. Many of our most successful clients started from scratch with no exercise experience before.
Q: Will I be fit enough?
A: There is no level of fitness required to start with a Pro-Fit Personal Training. This is our job! It is up to us to provide you with all the tools you need to increased your health and fitness. The safest and quickest way to get fitter is to enlist the help of an expert to make sure you increase your fitness levels at the right pace. Many of our clients were very unfit to begin with but with some guidance and help they are now fitter than they ever imagined.
Q: Do I have to join the gym?
A: YES & NO. Depending on the area and where exactly you prefer to train there may be a requirement to join one of the gyms that we work out of. However, we do offer home based training as well as gym based so get in contact with us to find out what we can help you with. On top of this we offer distance ‘training’ via skype, online and email services. This allows us to help people all over the world.
Q: What are the different packages?
A: No matter what your goal, budget and lifestyle, if you are truly committed to getting results we have a package that will help you.
Package Price
Group Training From £5 per session
Semi Private Training From £20 per session
30 minute Personal Training From £20 per session
60 minute Personal Training From £35 per session
Q: Do you work evenings and weekends?
A: YES. We are here to help you and fit around your lifestyle. Flexibility is key to gaining results.
Q: How long would I have to train for?
A: This depends entirely on your goals, level of commitment and whether you want to keep the results for the long term. We hope that will love working with us so much that you will never feel like you want to leave this great community. Whether its with us or on your own doing some kind of health plan for the rest of your life would be beneficial. It’s a lifestyle choice and its up to us to make you enjoy it, have fun and feel great.
Q: What if I don’t live in your areas?
A: No problem. We have some of the best online coaching and support systems around. With clients gaining great results from as far away as Scotland, Germany and even Australia we can offer fantastic support wherever you are.
Q: How long are the sessions?
A: How long is piece of string..? Our sessions are designed with a goal in mind and whatever is needed for that particular client. We have hour long sessions, 30mins session for people who need efficiency in their training plan. If your goals require that we need to spend an hour and 15mins with you then that’s what will happen. If you session needs equate to a 40 minute session that is what will happen. Many companies just do 1 hour slots but this is generic and limited. You pay for sessions and results so the sessions are designed with that in mind not just purely based on a time scale.
Q: Shall I do group or one on one training?
A: Again, this depends upon your personal circumstances and preferences. You will gain great results from both. The personal training allows a more tailored plan to guarantee those results and the group environment generate great team work and bond that leads to long term result and sometimes friends! You can discuss these option with a trainer and a plan will be drawn up that best suits you.
Q: How do I pay?
A: The majority of our clients pay for their training and coaching like they pay for everything else – on a monthly SO or DD. However, we also take card payments and bacs transfer when requested.
Q: Do you do home visits?
A: Yes. As well as our successful gym based clients, we do offer home based/outside training. This just depends on the area you are based. Contact us to find out if we are in your area.
Q: Can I train with a female?
A: We have several high quality female trainers who deliver fantastic results. We always do our best to match a trainer with clients’ requests and we will do so wherever possible. Another benefit is the option of female only section of many of the gym we work out of.
Q: Is it normal to feel uncomfortable in a gym?
A: YES. If you feel uncomfortable entering a gym, you are not alone. Gyms can be somewhat intimidating for many people. At Pro-Fit we are fully aware of this and realize what a big step it is for you to take. That’s why we are literally beside you every step of the way making sure you feel confident in every environment. We are here to support you, encourage you and build a positive spirit in any exercise environment. You will soon be loving the environment and feel confident in your approach to training knowing you are making progress towards your goals.
Q: Can you target specific body areas?
A: Yes. Although fat/weight loss is a full body process and we focus on building health from the inside out, there are some nutrition, supplement and exercise protocols that our experts and take you through which will have a significant and specific impact on your problem areas. This could be the top of the thighs the lower abdominal area or those annoying love handles! This is the beauty of personal training. It’s tailored for your specific needs, to make sure you look and feel fantastic.
Q: Is my program tailored for me?
A: Yes, everyone is different and unique. Everyone has different goals and different lifestyle choices. This is why we offer the best personal service in the industry and why we can guarantee your results.

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