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Friday 12 October 2018

2% is all it takes

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On the last bullet point of Mondays' email I wrote about how many days were left to Christmas and how you can still make a huge difference to your health, fitness, weight loss, body shape, lifestyle and nutrition goals.

Well, now it’s 74 days till Christmas.

Yup, just over 10 weeks.

Or another way – 1767 hours to go!

What are you going to do between then and now from a weight loss, fitness, health and/or nutrition point of view?

If you are already got some habits nailed and are doing well, keep going and maybe give the last bit of the year and extra push….

If you are not where you want to be then, when do you think now would be a good time to focus on what you want?

There are many reasons/excuses that you are coming up with right now that say you can't, or that you don’t know what to do, or YOU HAVENT GOT TIME…that last excuse is a biggie and if that record is playing in your head over and over again we maybe need to reframe it.

You see, if asked you this question…err, which I am doing…

Do you think you could give me between 1.7% - 2.3% of your time between now and Christmas to make a huge difference to your goals?

Yup – that’s all 1.7% - 2.3% or your time.

Now obviously 2% of your overall time ain’t very much and the answer should be Yes! 

And it should be an even bigger yes if I told you that for that 2% you would… lose weight, gain more energy, sleep better, look good in your clothes, feel more confident, improve your fitness level, improve all your health markers, reduce blood pressure, improve cholesterol ratios, tone up your body, achieve some targets and general feel better about yourself.  No brainer, eh!

Well, that 1.7% equates to 3 training sessions per week and the 2.3% 4 training sessions per week (at 1 hour per session)!

If I had asked you to fit 4, hour long training sessions in straight off the bat you may have said no way, not got time for that!  BUT, all I asked you for is about 2% of your time!

For a 2% investment you could reap SOOO many rewards; it’s like investing 2quid to guarantee £1000s back, you would do it all day long.  In fact, it seems illogical to come up with an excuse as to why you cannot commit to that, doesn’t it?

So, commit to your 2% today and from now on and see how much you get back.

And if you want to get even more back, guarantee those rewards, feel great and have fun along the way, you could always ask Team Pro-Fit for a bit of help & support, with a couple of those sessions (1% of your time).  If you haven’t already done so…you can trial it for 2 weeks first…just click the link and get started asap>>>

Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training


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