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Friday 22 May 2015

And the WINNER of our Body Transformation is

Daily Blog post from Pro-Fit Personal Training

….Jason Stirzaker!!!


Yep, Jason has smashed it and won a

a luxury holiday for himself and family...

...but he has 'won' a whole lot more than a holiday!

Read the story and see...(read it all!)


Weight Loss - 47lbs

Belly Button CM Loss - 20cm


This is what he wrote…




There have been some quite significant life changing scenarios for myself over the past 10 years or so. After completing a season snowboarding in 2003/2004 (at the age of 30), It was immediately upon my return that I took a career opportunity, that unfortunately, did not, and still can’t, give me any normal routine. Along with this, I cared for my mum from 2002 who had become very ill with MS, who has now sadly passed. On a more positive note over the past 10 years I have met my wife and we now have a beautiful family of 2 young boys Aged 4, and 1.


There has been a history of Health issues within my family ever since I was young. As well as my mother diagnosed with MS in her early 50’s, at the young age of only 4, I witnessed my Dad having his 1st Heart Attack at home. After him then having heart issues for the rest of his life (including 2 strokes), my dad passed away when I was 18 due to a 2nd fatal heart attack at the age of 53.


Most recently, Zac, born last year, had some very serious complications at birth that gave him only a 2% chance of survival in his first morning, and was born with a suspected broken neck, spinal damage, and possible brain damage.


With me being overweight and very unfit, the work commitments were taking their toll. In Nov 2014, after working 3 solid weeks of days and nights without a break (20 hours a day for 3 weeks, inc weekends), after returning to my hotel at 03:00am (needing to get up at 05:00am to drive 200 miles), I broke down. I was 40 year old man, distraught to tears in a hotel (completely knackered and wornout) and with a major incline that I wasn’t going to be alive the next day. That was a very big reality check for me.


Although I had a generally happy and positive approach to life, the consequence of all the above meant that my life habits and diet was very poor, and my weight had risen to 20st 4lbs. With my young family starting to grow and Zac starting to get some very good feedback from his hospital consultants, there was no way I wanted to miss them growing up.


So in Jan 2015 I joined Total Fitness Wakefield and saw the Total Loser banner and enrolled… THE BEST LIFE CHANGING THING I COULD EVER HAVE DONE!


After seeing the flyers for the Total Loser, I was hoping on the off chance that this wasn’t “just another diet”, it was going to be a way of finding out how to change things in my life that would improve my health and weight for the rest of my life.


Upon having the 1st meeting back in Feb, I immediately noticed that the Pro-Fit / Total loser was “not a Diet”, but an educational program on my health and wellbeing. Within 30 minutes, I realised that the food I was eating (especially on the road) was completely wrong.


Some of the habits I had were unbelievably bad. Most working nights I would be buying a 16” pizza, 16” garlic bread, large pack of wine gums and large pack of sports mixture, and eat all of them in the car whilst driving to my hotel, ( this would be at least 3 nights a week and has been for the past 5 years at least). Breakfast would be the largest Sausage and Bacon sandwich from the nearest local cafe, along with 6 pieces of toast. Lunch would be 2 meal deal sandwiches along with at least 1 pasty. With 4 large lattes from Starbucks, and 2 cakes and cookies throughout the day, my normal day of eating would be complete.


The most impacting thing, and one major item that gave me full devotion on that day, wasn’t the food information, it was the “Goal and reasons” questionnaire.

It was 1 question in particular.

Why do you think you need to do the total loser / achieve your goal ”… and with being told by the Pro-Fit team that honesty on the sheet will help, I wrote,

“if I continue the way I am at present, in 5 years I will be dead”.


The Pro-Fit scheme has changed my life completely. In just 11 weeks so far, my wellbeing and health have completely turned around. The bad habits I can confirm have stopped (it is imperative that this is a permanent life thing, and not just a 12 week program). My working life is still non routine and requires me to be away from home with a drop of a hat, however I have learnt from Pro-Fit how and what to eat to suit my lifestyle. The proof of all this is shown in the results so far:


  • Increased amount of energy in normal daily life.
  • Positive outlook on life once again.
  • Over 3 stone of weight loss.
  • 17 cm off my belly button measurement.
  • Looking forward too, and enjoying regular exercise twice a week.
  • Spending lots more time with the wife again (if you know what I mean).

This new health and wellbeing has allowed me to set goals for the future. Having something planned will keep me enjoying my new lease of life, and most of these events / goals will be done for charity to keep me focused at all times. The increased energy has got me to revitalise my love of mountain biking, and after a 13 year break, I will be carrying out some competitive mountain bike events this year. The main one being a 35km endurance event in the North Yorkshire dales in August, something that I never would have thought I could complete.


5 months ago I was worried that I wouldn’t be alive when I was 45 / 50! Now I am wanting to make sure that in 14 years time, at the age of 55, I will be taking my two boys on a full Dads / Lads snowboarding trip and having a “beer” in those beautiful mountains.

Thank you!


Ste & Gra


P.S.  WOW...dont need to say much after that! Amazing, inspirational story.  If any small part of that sounds a bit familiar...or you are's obvious what you need to do...CLICK >>>>>

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