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Thursday 17 May 2018

Another great story (you may relate to parts)

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Back again with another inspirational set of results and story


Total Loser 2018 My Journey – Carly Killen


Weight Loss 33lbs and a huge 25 cm loss around her belly button!!!


"For the last 30 years I have struggled to eat a healthy diet.  Since the age of three my diet has consisted of processed meats like sausages, chicken nuggets and burgers with plenty of chips and tinned pasta and bread as my staples.  As I got older it wasn’t the lack of knowledge that led me to a diet completely devoid of any fruit and vegetables but that I had developed food phobia and had become averse to introducing any new foods.  Despite the isolation that came with not being able to take part in meals out with family and friends without resorting to the children’s menu I thought I was getting away with it. 


I looked and felt ok until my 20s and then it started catching up with me.  The weight started to creep on and I tried many diets. I would pick and choose the parts that suited me meaning I made no real changes and was still forever counting down to when I could next indulge in chocolate and sweets, the only foods I truly enjoyed.  


I was forced to consider the effect of my lifestyle on my health when my Mum was diagnosed with lung cancer and died age 45.  It brought my attention to the lack of vitamins and sheer quantity of additives in my diet that will be increasing my risk of developing cancer and possibly meeting the same sad fate as my mother.  This was not an acceptable option I have a loving partner and amazing daughter who need me as much as I need them, something had to change.


I wanted to improve my diet so much but as I moved away from family to find work with my partner and daughter I found it all to easy to make excuses not to tackle my diet or exercise regularly. 

I continued to suffer with severe fatigue which eventually caused problems at work.  It had become a running joke at work that nobody had seen me eat anything other than cheese sandwiches.  In a desperate effort to keep up with my peers I was constantly knocking back an endless stream of black coffee, diet cola and diet stimulant drinks thinking “it’s fine, there’s no calories, it won’t affect my weight”. 

As my energy levels hit peaks and troughs I found myself snacking on sugary foods regularly throughout the day and my weight continued to increase. 


On top of the poor diet my fitness had taken a massive hit with a three-year run of uncontrolled asthma.  Even though I had gained control of my symptoms again I struggled to improve my fitness, I attended exercise classes with minimal results because I was doing nothing about my diet. 


I got a big wake up call when I took my daughter to the trampoline park.  I thought we would have a great time but within five minutes I found myself in the changing rooms trying my best not to throw up and missed most of the session.  I was mortified and found myself thinking “I’m too young to be this unfit”, “what does this mean for my future?” and “how many other things am I prepared to miss out on before I take action?”.  I had learned from my mum that time is precious.


When I developed anaemia, I realised I could not continue like this, but I had no belief in my ability to make the changes I needed and every attempt to introduce new foods failed the moment life got a bit more difficult.


I started browsing the internet for a hypnotist to help me get over my food phobia but then I came across an advert for Total Loser 2018.  I had spotted this the previous year in the gym but passed it off as another one of those diet clubs that I’m no good at.  However, after reading the inspirational stories from previous members I started to believe that this could be the thing to help me change.


I was nervous on week 1 of Total Loser and terrified that I would get three bites into the suggested foods and give up and I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the training. 

This was not the case, the Pro-Fit trainers gave so much encouragement and all the resources available such as the Facebook group, recipes and regular emails I felt motivated to keep going.  The support from the team members every week has been invaluable. 


Instead of focusing on chasing numbers on the scales this programme taught me to focus on some more meaningful goals which were:

  1.  To drop two dress sizes as this was the last time I had felt good about myself.
  2. To reduce my risk of developing cancer (ok so we never know what’s round the corner but I wasn’t helping my body much by depriving it of all the essential nutrients for healing and recovery)
  3. To go to a restaurant and choose from the main menu (and not just burger and chips)
  4. To get my confidence back and start socialising again
  5. To get my fitness back so I can take part in fun activities with my daughter such as the 5K inflatable course and keep on jumping on those trampolines

Writing these down really helped me to focus and I kept them close to me so I could read them whenever I needed a reminder of why I was doing this.  I thought making such massive changes would be too big an obstacle but the staged approach to making the changes to my diet and progressively increasing my fitness week by week made it possible to achieve great results.


So what have I actually changed?

Firstly instead of drinking mostly brown liquids, I easily polish off 2 litres of water a day, I am no longer a slave to caffeine which feels great, no more peaks and troughs in my energy levels.


I used to think I was exercising hard at times but the pro-fit trainers have shown me time and time again that every time I think I have given my all there was always more left in the tank which has proved a valuable lesson to other life events too.


My diet was 100% processed food, consisting of chips, bread, cheese, sausages and chicken nuggets.  I now eat a variety of vegetables with unprocessed meats and have been having such a good time discovering new foods, I have not eaten a single cheese butty since I started.  My work colleagues have now labelled me a foodie!


Before Total Loser I was huffing and puffing my way through classes and if I’m honest even around the house and at work.  Now I’m working hard throughout and even managed to do a park run after one of Team Hull’s tough outdoor sessions, something that I would never have dreamed of before.


I used to cancel any gym or physical activities at the slightest excuse but now I make time whenever I can and have even made the 6.30 am circuit sessions.  During one of which I realised I was now flipping the 80Kg tyre which not only could I not do this pre-Total loser but it now weighs more than me.


I used to scrape my way through the day, often nodding asleep by 6pm most days, now I’m full of energy and all without coffee.  I do have the occasional coffee now but it’s nice to be back in control of this again.  My family and colleagues have asked many times where the real Carly is and who I’ve been replaced with but what they need to know is that I am finally in control of my fitness, diet and destiny and free to be the real me.


So at the end of the 12 weeks, where am I on my journey towards my goals?

  1. Dress size? I am now the proud owner of some size 10 skinny jeans, there’s a bit of give in them so a little more work is needed until I can buy all my clothes in that size but I’m on track and can’t wait for the shopping spree.
  2. Reducing my risk of cancer?  Well I don’t have a crystal ball but with my new healthy diet and a waist circumference now in the healthy range (after losing 25cm) I’m confident that I’m doing all I can to keep myself healthy.
  3. Eating in a restaurant? Oh yes.  I recently spent a few days in the Lake District and enjoyed choosing amazing foods like spinach and goats cheese crepe and fajita spiced chicken all with plenty of veg and not a hint of using the children’s menu.
  4. My confidence is now soaring and not only has it noticeably improved my work and family life, I’m getting so many compliments about my new ‘glow’.
  5. And finally, my fitness. I have gone from strength to strength, I no longer struggle in classes and am up for new challenges and going that extra mile (literally).  My daughter and I have plans for that inflatable 5K too.

I’m now ready to set some new goals to continue my new-found health and fitness. 

My experience of the park run was challenging but so much fun I am now aiming to get my 25 parkrun t-shirt.  I am doing the Total Warrior alongside my new Total Loser friends who have kept me going throughout all the weekly sessions.  Another major goal is to take a family holiday to the Great Wall of China; this will serve as both a physical and culinary challenge since many of my past travel plans have revolved around my limited palate. 


I have achieved so much more than I expected with Total Loser, I now believe I can overcome anything if I put my mind to it. 

What started as wanting to get a bit fitter has completely changed my life forever. 


So many people have asked me what I’ll do now that the programme has finished but I can only answer: this is just the start!  There’s no way I’ll give up on all the amazing changes I’ve been able to make and I now have the drive to build on them.


The support I’ve received from the PRO-FIT Trainers, the group members and the Facebook group and of course my family got me started and my new confidence will keep me going.  Thank you Total Loser."


Again, I'm sure you join in congratulating Carly on her changes...


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