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Friday 11 January 2019

Answering these may help

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Short and sweet today, and you may have asked yourself these before...but that doesn't make them any less powerful though. 

They are especially good, if the old motivation is beginning to slide, and this is the first weekend that may knock you off track...

In fact, if you use these it could change the way you eat and make you question your behaviours and actions...which in turn will lead to achieving more... whether that's weight loss, energy increases, fitness levels, body confidence and/or overall health.

So all I'm going to ask you to do is answer these 3 questions before you do something or make a decision on something (works especially well when it comes to food choices):


1 - Is this something I will be proud of or something I will hide from others?


2 - How will I feel if I do/don't do this?


3 - Will this take me a step closer or further away from my goals?


If you ask yourself those and answer honestly, it will immediately create better choices, which will lead to better habits...which will lead to better RESULTS start asking yourself these and see what happens!

Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training

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*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed and commitment and a desire to change is required.

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