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Saturday 24 August 2019

Bit Breezy in the Spanish Hills Today

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Yup on my jollys with the family and because there is more of cooler breeze today, we thought it would be a good time to do a little exercise…without burning and dying of heat exhaustion.  So, outdoor run it is…and we are based in the hills/mountains so no matter which way you turn, there is a pretty steep hill involved sooner or later!


So, as it bank holiday weekend, I thought you might want a little nudge (before any drinks, get togethers, BBQs get going) with some reasons to train today (and most days if you can!)  that may inspire you to nip out this bank holiday and get some miles/weights/bodyweight… on the clock and get you up and err…running!!


So, here are some reasons to exercise:

Because you want to stand taller (literally and metaphorically).

Because you know you have more energy when you exercise.

Because you are actually designed to move, not sit still.

Because looking after YOU is a priority in YOUR life.

Because you always have time to do something (despite what your excuses say)

Because you want a strong body and strong mind.

Because you may have had a few more drinks than normal this summer.

Because you’re in a better mood when you exercise.

Because you want your nearest and dearest to do the same.

Because a fit body is a healthy body & health is the most important wealth!



Have fun, you will feel better afterwards…you know you will!


And you will definitely feel better if you have the support of an expert that knows how to guarantee results, have fun and not feel like you are on a ‘diet’…so you can grab your 2 week PT trial by clicking right here and see what it’s all about>>


Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training




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