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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Cake on a Monday?

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It was eldest birthday this weekend, and he was 10!! Wow…time fly’s.

Anyway, we went to grannys for a ‘birthday tea’ yesterday and guess what…


We all ate some cake…

We all ate some ice cream…


Can you believe that!?


And do you know what the funny thing is…none of us got Fat, didn’t feel guilty, it doesn’t mean anything else so it’s all messed up now…blah blah!

You see, I/we (and I speak for team pro-fit here as well) am/are not a robot/robots and are not really any different to you or anyone else.

So, I sacrificed a few ‘health points’ meaning I had a moderately high sugar intake (as part of a high protein meal so it wasn’t too impactful), some extra calories I didn’t need, with little nutritional value.

BUT, what was the gain?

Pleasure! Fun…  Lots of it…Sat round a table with my boys watching them burst with giddiness as they blew the candles out and watch the ‘indoor sparklers’ light up the room.

Those moments are precious.

And, what price did we have to pay? Not that much at all really…we didn’t get fat and unhealthy in a day…(impossible!)

…we aren’t spending the rest of the next couple of days feeling guilty.

…we have thought ‘sod it’ and spend the next few days binging cos …’I had messed up my plan’ and are feeling sorry for ourselves.

We knew it was coming up and enjoyed it.

Now, do not misunderstand what im saying.  I’m not saying go and smash junk food binges all the time and I’m definitely not saying whatyou choose to eat doesn’t matter…course it does you all know that it’s about 70-80% of your results.

What I am saying is that once in a while without going too crazy is OK.

We can get back on track quickly and so can you.

So I’m not recommending binges…and it will be different for different people depending on where you are in your health/lifestyle and weight loss journey…

(ie if you have been binging for the last 15 years then a significant amount of time without doing so and re-educating your body and mind is essential – you can do that with our help>> HERE)

What I am recommending is a little bit of flexibility in your outlook and attitude about food.  Healthy eating and our lifestyle plans are designed to be a way of eating for LIFE…

We recognise food is fuel & nutrients;  vits, minerals, proteins omega 3’s, fiber, antioxidents etc.. and that’s what keeps you healthy, slim, fit, strong, mentally alert and energised…

AND…it’s also sometimes… taste, texture, pleasure and joy.  Plus, it’s a big part of social & family life.

Soooo…once in a while you may indulge just for the hell of it!

These couple of little caveats can help too…Make sure you earn it, Limit the damage by training in the correct way, then move on positively having enjoyed your time and start smashing your week again…

It’s all part of an overall strategy that we can Help you with too…

Just come and see us for your 2 week PT trial and we’ll show you how>>


Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training

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