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Wednesday 10 October 2018

Chris' Story on this Important Day

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Thought it may be worth noting that it's world mental health day today.  What better way to mark it than with an amazing transformation both physically and very much mentally.


The mind and body interconnected in many ways and on many levels...and whatever you are 'feeding' one you are 'feeding' the other.


One of the best things you can do for your mental health is improve your physical health (through nutrition, exercise, correct breathing, proper movement and creating positive habits) ...

...and one of the best things you can do for your physical health is improve your mental health (through exercise, nutrition, breathing, mindfulness, journaling, communicating and creating positive habits).


Read Chris’s story to see how he helped both:


He lost a huge 29lbs and whopping 21cm round his belly BUT, it's about way more than that...


'Having looked only forward for the last 6 months, I guess the reason we keep the door ajar on our past is, so we can look back at it.

I was stuck, trapped in a world of depression, anxiety, stress and alcoholism, I couldn’t find a way out and my mental health wasn’t right. I would describe it as living a life that I could stand back and look at. I didn’t want to be here; 2 failed rehabs had hurt my family and friends and subsequently had pushed them away.

I was sectioned under the mental health act to save me from myself, a world away from the multi award winning international male vocal entertainer that I was!

I had to do something, and I was willing to go to any lengths, but first I had to get sober! 3rd November 2017 I put myself in rehab, 2 weeks later I was back into work and struggling day to day. It was during my visit with my mental health worker that it was suggested that exercise was proven to be good for depression and released “dolphins” which made us both giggle, “I haven’t got any dolphins to release” I said, and the only exercise I did was walk to the off licence.

However, having tried several forms of medication it was left with me to think over. Then a chance meeting with Pro-Fit PT Rachel Wood, who was already working with my brother and cousin, led to a brief conversation during which Rachel gave me some advice on taking things in month blocks, and with exercise and diet you can change. This resonated with me over Christmas and in the new year I contacted Rachel and arranged to meet at the gym she worked at being total fitness Bolton.

I can’t explain how anxious and nervous I was that day, almost scared stiff, and as an ex entertainer used to big crowds and being on stage, this seemed crazy. I took some deep breaths and entered the gym, met by Rachel who helped me to become a member and then we sat down for a chat. We spoke about what I was wanting to achieve, about my diet and Rachel spoke about herself very candidly and openly, this put me at ease to talk about myself and my situation, at this stage I was only 9 weeks out of rehab. I had a serious sugar addiction, my weight was getting me more depressed, and my teeth were ruined.

Somehow though Rachel gave me a belief, I can remember thinking that this is something that she did for a living, and seen many times before, and that if she believes I can change surely, I can believe in myself.

So, I left with an appointment for a training session and food for thought as well as food for diet! On the 8th of January I went to gym where I was weighed and measured and did a short session which left me stiff for days. Knowing my situation Rachel would then go on to set a training regime to suit me, this would sometimes include 10 minutes of table tennis at the end of sessions and sometimes a chat about my training, and how I was doing within myself. Then 1 day I got a text to say I was doing 2 hours training that night, this was to get me involved in a boot camp that Rachel was running that evening, I wasn’t very fit and was concerned about mixing with other gym members, but little did I know that this was to be the start of something big for me.

Everyone was so nice and supportive that I was looking forward to the next boot camp as well as my Pt sessions & my weekend training on my own. Before I knew it, I was losing weight, feeling a lot better in myself and enjoying spending time at the gym! I had taken part in a 5k run and my usual Saturday morning sessions were about to change as there was a group starting called total loser! I Joined in the total loser sessions and by now all the Pro Fit trainers new my name and people were talking to me, I felt a part of something.

I was secretly fighting and beating my sugar addiction and I was listening to all the dietary advice, working hard in the gym and it was paying off! I booked to go abroad for my teeth sorted and whilst I was away Rachel texted me to see how it was going, above and beyond any call of duty. I had friends, and I really enjoyed that feeling of being around the gym and being involved in events, the Pro Fit trainers made exercising fun as well as challenging. I’m a proud wearer of my total loser t shirt, I’m doing born survivor, events classes, boot camps and I’ve even ran up and down Alderley edge! there is no stopping me!

I felt proud and blessed to be a part of something for the first time in a very long time. Total fitness, the Pro Fit trainers and Rachel had turned my life around, they had all made exercising enjoyable as well as challenging and I was going to the gym with a smile on my face.

Today I’m over 6 months sober, my medication is being reduced, but more importantly I have friends and a belief for the future, I’m a part of something and it leaves me overwhelmed with gratitude.'

Chris Beaumont

Pretty big stuff I'm sure you will agree, and big congratulations to Chris.

Hopefully that has inspired you in to action, given hope to you if you aren't where you want to be right now, or nudged you to keep moving forward...

...and remember asking for help is a sign of strength; so if you think that we can help in some way, and you aren't already part of the Team Pro-Fit then feel free to join us and give your 2 week PT trial a go by clicking the link..

Steve Butters

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