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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Christmas Cravings

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It can happen to us all at this time of year but if/when the Christmas cravings kick in, try one of the following:

Brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash–

This kills your desire for anything sweet stone cold dead in its tracks.

Eat a pickled onion –

Consuming something totally opposite of your craving, will immediately halt the need for anything sweet

(you may need to back this up by the first tip if you are off for a night out!haha)



Whether it's a gym blast or a nice brisk walk, this should release feel good endorphins that will nicely balance out the brain chemistry and help stop the cravings.

Remind yourself of your January Goals -

Reading these might just put you off the box of matchmakers you are about to dive into.  It's even more important to get some good short and medium terms goals written down.  Visualise them vividly everyday and the cravings will pass.

Call your trainer or exercise 'buddy' -

A little encouragement (or kick up the arse...whichever you prefer) from a helpful source is often just enough to remind you of what you have achieved...where you are going and to stay strong. 

Drink a pint of water -

Often the hunger and thirst mechanism gets confused, so necking a pint of water (yes, WATER!) may actually be all that's needed to rid yourself off the craving.

Keep your Protein level high-

Cravings can sometimes come about due to a lack of food in general...(ie not eating enough)...or a lack of good proteins and fats at each meal.

Just do something other than eat what you are craving - move, read, get out of the house, play a game, walk the dog, go for a drive, call a friend, have a bath...anything.

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Steve Butters

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