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Friday 28 December 2018

Did You?

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So, did you do it yesterday?

Did you just get out there and do some exercise?

Or, at least manage some movement and a better eating plan?

If you did, great work, more of the same today.

If not...errr, do it TODAY! 

The reason I am nagging you to go and do something is because if you don’t…

… bad habits can easily start to be formed

(especially if you have had them in the past and worked hard to form new ones!)


Don’t undo all that great work.

Remember, you can ‘train’ the mind through repetitive behaviours and actions. 


If you are still sat there thinking that you will ‘start in the new year’ then you are kidding yourself!


Sorry (not really), but you are...100%...


…that’s just procrastination disguised by a big event that you think you can use as an excuse not to get going.

and guess what...using these excuses/procrastinations/justifications is a HABIT that can severely hamper your results (in anything actually).  So be honest with yourself, catch yourself making the excuse and break the bad habit that could be holding you back.

By the way, it doesn't mean you cant have fun, doesn't mean you cant still enjoy yourself it just mean you are making YOU and your health, mental health & wellness a priority in your life.


So, get to it, get ahead of the ‘new years resolution crew’ next week.

and you can always benefit from your 2 week PT trial, if you haven't already done so? Or even get it for someone else you care about...??

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Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training




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