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Thursday 27 September 2018

Discomfort in Spain

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Ok ok, I know I haven’t been in your inbox for a while…

…been a full on couple of weeks & my priorities have been elsewhere, but hopefully you saved some of the emails that mean something to you and read ‘em when you feel you need a little nudge, helping hand or a quick reminder of something…

OR…you haven’t even noticed my absence from your inbox..haha! I won’t take offence.


Anyway, last week I was back in Spain for a few days.  Not on a relaxing holiday with my family this time…NOPE.  Quite the opposite actually.  It was a kind of ‘training camp’/obstacle course…with a small group of us.


Now you may be pleased to hear that I was put through my paces…like smashed and blasted in ways I was not used to.

Pretty challenging both physically and mentally.


At times, we were put in uncomfortable situations…way outside what we would normally do and out of that ‘safe/comfort zone’.


However, we nailed it…came together as a mini team and individually everyone dug in.


But that wasn’t necessarily the most important bit.


The most important bit of something like this is showing yourself what you are actually prepared to do and are actually capable of…

…and that any preconceived fears are just mind games that you play with yourself.


You are always more capable than you think you are.


You see, there is NO WAY to improve where you are in life now without going outside of your comfort zone!


Whether that be... Job/career, Relationships, Lifestyle Change, Weight loss, Fitness, Body confidence, feeling good about YOU and your life…


This is a life law that we all need to accept if we want to improve any area.


Soooo, if you are guilty of staying in your comfort zone (and it might take

a bit of honest looking to see that you actually are) ‘going with the flow’, waiting for ‘things’ to happen as opposed to making them happen…then reality check time!


Don’t be afraid of a little discomfort (mental/emotional or physical)…stop letting it get in the way of your motivation and what you really want.


Sometimes a bit of a struggle is a good sign…embrace, accept and keep going.


I’m not saying you have to put yourself under pressure all the time, you have to enjoy the process and journey too but pushing the edge of your comfort zone will actually enrich your life, give you mental/emotional strength and the confidence to do it again.


When you take this attitude your comfort zone expands, you gain confidence in yourself and your ability to deal with more ‘stuff’…

...which means you move forward with all of your daily, weekly and life goals.


So, with that in mind…if you are one of the people that haven’t taken your 4 session 2 PT week trial up to see if you like what we do (because it's outside your comfort zone) …then now might be a good time to get out your comfort zone and start getting the results you deserve…

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Steve Butters

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