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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Do it anyway

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Good morning, just thought I'd drop you a little line as I'm on the train to London. no excuse not to do a bit of work on the train...


Speaking of excuses...remember, don’t let those excuses get in the way of doing what you need (yes, need) to do.  We can all think of excuses/reasons/justifications... the key is to move forward regardless and show yourself/your mind that it’s a big priority for you. 


So here are a few reasons to exercise and keep your habits up:


Because you want to live pain free


Because you want to look and feel great on your hols this year.


Because your Body is built to move.


Because doing nowt is easier, but you KNOW that wont give you what you want


Because exercise improves your mental health


Because as you get physically stronger, you get mentally stronger, you get emotional stronger and you become a strong person.


Because you know you are bigger than your excuses. You have to keep showing yourself that this is true.


Because you’re in a better mood when you exercise regularly (I promise you!)


Because you never regret doing some exercise


Because a fit body is a healthy body and your health is your only real wealth.


If you keep reasons like this (and many others) at the forefront of your mind you will have a better chance of success…these are things that will keep you ready to smash your goals when those voices start to pull you away.  when the voices start, just hear them and do it anyway.


I’m here for support (well, at least in your inbox regularly) but if you would like a bit more motivation, nutrition & exercise advice that’s tailored for YOU and your lifestyle…and to have some guaranteed results…you know where we are and you know you can grab your 2 week PT trial first…just click the link>>click here


Steve Butters

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