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Tuesday 4 December 2018

Do you know these christmas stats

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Have a read of this before you smash December and tell yourself you will get on it in Jan...

Guess what... you are more likely to put on weight over Christmas…(1-6lbs! in fact!).

'Shocker...tell me something I didn't know', you say.

Well, that is interesting to know but it’s also worth knowing that it was only done on the Christmas week itself…so add in the early November/Dec parties…and we have a much bigger potential problem.

HOWEVER, that’s not even the worst bit! The research shows that people in Feb/March still weight more than they did in September/Oct and actually still weight more 9 months later!

What this tells us (despite all the January diets, celeb quick fixes, new years resolutions etc..) that the Christmas weight you put on…

has a very hard time coming off!

So…let’s not even go there!

Do not wait till January when the damage could have been done…get your ass moving now.

Best way to do that:

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