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Tuesday 3 September 2019

Happy New Year to You

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Nope, I’ve not gone mad, I am fully aware it isn’t actually 2020 yet…but as I’ve dropped my boys off for their first day back at school it did feel like a bit of a new start.


Most of the summer holidays are over…the weather is definitely not err…’summery’ any more (if it ever was!) most people can get back to some kind of routine…so it actually makes sense (maybe more so than January) for the new year to start in September…?


You see, with kids back, routine back, new starts for some, along with the fact that you have maybe eaten a drank a little too much over the summer hols…now is the perfect time to focus on your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle overall YOU and what you want to achieve.


It’s the perfect time to look at your goals, your body shape goals, fitness goals, lifestyle goals, what clothes you want be fitting into and how you want to feel when you look in the mirror…?  Or maybe thinking about how you may have felt in your swimwear on hols…makes you want to do something about it, starting now?


So, my ‘back to school’, ‘new year’ September question to you is…


What are you going to do to re-focus your efforts?


Are you going to join a gym, are you going to join a new class, are you going to follow a nutrition plan (that works for you long term), are you going to try a new way of training, are you going to put specific times in your diary where you do something for YOU, are you going to introduce a couple of new habits, are you going to walk each day, are you going to measure your water intake, are you going to keep a food diary, a gratitude journal…or maybe you are going to get a PT to help and support you (I know some of the best…ha TEAM Pro-Fit).


Whatever you are going to do make sure you take some small actions towards what you want today/this week, and let’s get off to a flyer in my version of your new year…


And if you do want all of the above then you may as grab your ‘September new year’ 2 week PT trial with team Pro-Fit who are ready to help you smash it, refocus and guarantee results…Grab it here>>>


Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training


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