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Friday 5 October 2018

He announced this a football last night

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Sooo one of our players’ dad from one of my sons football team came to training last night and boldly announced, in front of everyone, that his son had trained with a different team the night before, liked it and would be joining them NEXT SEASON.

Ok, bit weird to announce it like that and at the start of October with most of the season still to go but you have to do what you think is right so…whatever.

Now the reason for this is, that for the first 4 games this season the team probably haven’t played to their potential, possibly haven’t played as well as, they played at the end of last season…possibly had a few bad days, a bit of a summer training break and it’s not quite gelling. 

Add that in to the mix that we are now playing up a league (ie playing against some of the better teams in the county) it’s easy to get a bit frustrated, and start looking for blame…it’s the training, it’s the manager, it’s the team not working hard enough, no structure etc… etc.. 

...and in fact some of those things might be true in small ways BUT to make a knee jerk reaction at the start of the season deciding to move somewhere else, where there is no guarantee of the holy grail that he is looking for doesn’t make logical sense.

And this got me thinking about you (I know...I think about you a lot!) and a many of the people we see and have helped over the years.

You see, my sons football team is like your weight loss, or your fitness, or your lifestyle change, or your nutrition plan.

It isn’t always going to go perfectly, you will hit sticky patches, you will hit obstacles and you may have your equivalent to our start of the season…not quite as we had hoped (and also not a disaster).


…if you just give up and go back to what you were doing before, you will not get anywhere...and you will feel worse

…if you think the grass is greener on ‘another diet’ you will not get anywhere (you have done that before, haven’t you??), and you will feel worse.

…if you think your next decision will be the 'holy grail' of diets and answer to all of your problems, it won’t, and then you will feel worse!

…if you think that blaming and complaining (without giving any solutions) will change anything, it won’t…but it means you have given all your power away so will make you feel err…worse!

The only things you can do are;  look at it objective with the bigger picture in mind & list all the positive steps you have taken; understand that is a long term change that will never go perfectly, expect a few obstacles along the way & enjoy the process of learning about yourself and how strong you can be; take responsibility for your own results but do not define yourself, your feelings, your self-worth by them.

And therefore don't make your decisions based on a impluse short term metric or result that may actually change for the better over the long term…if you just stayed consistent and look to progress.

Emotional reactional decisions in the moment where something doesn’t go your way, often ends in a sub-optimal situation for you and your results long term.

So, take a step back when you find yourself feeling like that, stay consistent, think about what you are doing it for (I mean the real reasons…and weight loss is not your driver, there is something deeper than that…promise!) don’t beat yourself up and stop with the ‘grass always greener’ ‘quick fix’ mindset…cos it’s not and there isn’t one!

What you may need though is a team of people to rely on, experts to help you get through the obstacles and a support structure that actually GUARANTEE RESULTS…imagine if a footy team could do that??? Well, we aint a footy team but we are a team and when CAN do that…just go here to grab your 2 week PT trial>>>

Steve Butters

Pro-Fit PT

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