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Wednesday 21 August 2019

I know It's been a while...

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Long-time no speak…in fact, this is the longest I haven’t sent an email to you guys in 4 years (and if you have just signed up as a client or for the 7 step plan you may never have received an email from me!! I'm Steve by the way-co-owner of Pro-Fit PT).


Now, the reason is that life and work have been extremely busy on many levels…my boys changing schools, my other half having an extremely busy work schedule involving travelling round Europe, lots and lots of different things going on within team pro-fit that require focus and time…


…don’t get me wrong, all that is positive stuff and sometimes these periods happen in life – I’m sure you go through them too.


What I could easily say, and sooo tempted to…is that ‘I didn’t have time to sit think and write emails’…but that would actually be a lie, an excuse…even if it seems like a genuine set of reasons…but what I would be doing then it getting into a sophisticated excuse and justification system (which lots of people fall into).


You see I could have told myself that err…lie, to stop me feeling bad about the choices I’d made. I mean…how could I possibly fit writing emails in???


…I could have justified with a million ‘reasons’…but that wouldn’t be 100% honest with myself.


Well, I could have…if I really really wanted to, I could have. 


If I’m being brutally honest, I could have done something.  BUT I chose to do something else… I chose to be too tired…I chose not to get up even earlier…I chose to do other stuff…train, spend time with family, do other work, go out, just generally find other important things to do!


The key point is I actually did have a choice…no matter what I say to myself, I did.


This ever happen to you.


If it happens too often you need to take a hard look in the accountability mirror and be brutally honest with yourself. 


It’s not about beating yourself up, it’s about being honest with yourself to make things happen to improve things…whether that’s your body shape, fitness, health, confidence, weight, nutrition or self-esteem.


When you do that, it actually empowers you to make positive change.  When you complain or make excuses & justifications (no matter how valid they seem) or feel sorry for yourself about how bad you have it, or how busy you are blah blah…you just give all your power away to make a difference


Now, every now and then shouldn’t knock you off track and I have had a word with myself…but if that happens regularly, you won’t get the results you want, or keep the results you have already worked for.


So, time to take a truth pill and start choosing the things that YOU KNOW will get you to where you want to be…no excuses, stories or justifications a simple set of choices each day.


One of those things you might want to consider choosing is a support team of experts that will help you every step of the way…and guarantee your results… way to do that if you haven’t already been to grab your 2-week PT trial>>>right here>>



Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training


*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed and commitment and a desire to change is required.

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