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Thursday 19 September 2019

Is it nearly Christmas? argghh

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Yup, sorry I did mention Christmas!


It's just less than 100 days away…wow!


Will you be celebrating anything else?


Now, I don’t normally like references to Christmas until at least 1st of December...and I am not mentioning xmas to concern yourself with the festive period, I am getting you to look at your year so far (nearly ¾ of it)…and see whether


you are where you wanted to be when you set your ‘goals’ at the beginning of the year…?


Was it…Fitness, Body shape, Losing weight, maintaining weight (yes there is a plan needed for that too), Changing your lifestyle and habits, Health goals, Improving your confidence, Self-esteem… or generally Feeling happier about you, your body/mind and life?


If you are on track, carry on doing what you are doing, make some little tweaks, look forward and maybe take it up one notch for the next 100days…


If you’re not, when would Now be a good time to take action…?


You see, 100days of commitment can reap a whole load of amazing results…100days could still give you the goals and feelings you wanted when you started the year.


Now, it’s ok to not be exactly where you want to be.  Maybe you went off track over the summer hols…maybe you have been through a tricky time in your life……perhaps life has thrown a couple of curve balls…IT Happens – and always will! Accept it.


Don’t beat yourself up (its the worst thing you can do and totally pointless)!


Don’t give up… instead just start Turning up!


The only worse than beating yourself up, complaining and feeling sorry for yourself is actually doing NOTHING about it!


I’ve said it bee but this time of is a great time to re-focus, revisit where you are and what you actually want…how many of you have actual done that??


Then spend the next 100days taking steps (big, small or even tiny) towards it. Imagine what you can achieve if you just took action for the next 100days (technically 97 now)/2319hours/139158 minutes!?


A lot can be done in that time…maybe more than you think…if you use the them efficiently and wisely.


So it’s over to you…what actions are you going to commit to for the next 100days…?


Go on, do it now.  Then get to work daily.


And remember if you are looking to get re-focused, and are looking to achieve some amazing results over these next 100days…we can help you get there…and we can guarantee results in 100days too (less actually).


So, like loads of people that have jumped on board in September (100+ so far…!!)…it aint too late…take action now with your 2 WEEK PT TRIAL click right here>>


Lets go…


Steve Butters

Pro-fit Personal Training

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed and commitment and a desire to change is required.

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