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Tuesday 16 October 2018

It always leaves you clues

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You have just got be open to seeing them, looking for them and actually doing something with the clue when you get it.

What on earth am I on about…?


However you define your personal success and in whatever area of your life you are working for it, there are certain things/habits/characteristics that successful people ‘do’ & have done and is there for everyone to see and essentially mirror.

This is great because that gives us a chance to follow the clues and reach our goals too.

You see, we become what we constantly do, ie you are your rituals and habits.

If your mindset and habits aren’t in line with some of the things that may help with your success you are gonna find it difficult to ever get there.  Mainly because you are actually pushing against yourself in opposing directions.   

There are many books, articles, studies and general wisdom out there that show what many of the people we would class as successful do habitually and what their mindset is.   

Here are a few success clues, habits, mindsets etc…that we could learn from:

1-They are happy to swim against the tide, to do what most won’t. They are not people pleasers and they don’t need constant approval especially on social media! If you live your life through external recognition or approval you will never feel free, content and at peace with who you are.  

In your own little world if you want something you have never had you had better be prepared to do what you have never done

2-They are more comfortable with their own company than most. Understanding who you are sometimes takes a bit of self-reflection, ‘me’ time, learning time and showing YOU that YOU are worth spending time with. You Rock! Tell yourself that regularly.


3-They set higher standards for themselves (a choice we can all make), which in turn produces greater commitment, more momentum, a better work ethic and of course, better results.  This can feel difficult at first because many fears might come to the fore, but once you set a standard that is alignment with your values it will feel congruent and effortless.


4-They don’t invest time or emotional energy into things which they have no control of.  Worry, gossip, complaining, comparison with other people/things/businesss/life is a huge waste of your emotional and mental resources.  In, fact doing all the above things can leave you feeling physically exhausted as well as the mental health effects.  Stop doing it & invest that energy more wisely.

5-They don’t rationalise failure. While many are talking about their age, their sore back, their lack of time, their business, their poor genetics, their past, their thyroid, their ‘bad luck’, their nasty boss and their lack of opportunities (all good reasons to fail), they are finding a way to succeed despite all their challenges (which by the way, every single person will have). 

This last one is especially true when it comes to your weight loss, fitness, body shape change, nutrition choices, exercise and getting results.  Don’t be the person that lives by excuses, justifications & rationalisations on one hand…whilst then complaining about the lack of results on the other.

Now, going out and making happen always involves getting help from experts and having a support network around you…you ask any successful person, they had loads of help along the way…usually a team…

So if you want a little help to make it happen, change your habits, Lose weight, get fit and feel more confident…

…then feel free to join the 100’s of others that have looked at the clues…you can start with your 2 week PT trialJUST CLICK RIGHT here

Steve Butters

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