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Monday 11 May 2015

It's the only Thing we Have

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Hi Team...

Firstly, a big well done to everyone

who nailed the Manchester 10K.


Secondly, a big well done to all

our Total Losers…

it was the big final session on Saturday

and we had an awesome turn out,

some amazing transformational

stories…prizes given out and

lots of positive energy and happy


…I will share some of the transformations

and stories over the next couple of

weeks as you will feel inspired.


For today though I wanted to start your week

off with a little reminder about

our most precious commodity.


This was triggered by one of my

little boys asking how long mummy

would be away for

(yes, I have been left home alone with my

6 and 4yr old boys for a whole week while

mummy is working in America…I’m not sure what

state us three – or the house – will be in by Saturday

but we will have had some fun!).


Anyway, instead of telling them a whole week

I said a few days and that the time

would fly past.

It’s true isn’t it…in fact it’s

unbelievable how fast time

does actually fly…especially as

you get older

(not that I’m old by the way, just older…

…I’m still errrm…a spring chick!!).


I definitely feel it which is why

we should think about focusing

more on living in the NOW.


If you have

Body Shape goals,

Weight loss goals,

Lifestyle goals,

Fitness goals,

Nutritional goals…

…and you know that you have

been procrastinating or holding yourself

back with your BS story as to why you can’t…

…because of something that happened

in the past


…Because of something you are ‘worried’

about in the future…

then bring your

Mind into THE NOW.


Focus on what you are doing

RIGHT NOW, and get it done.

Then, once that is nailed,

move on to the next task

or action (whether that’s smashing a gym workout,

eating a meal, reading a book, walking, chatting to

your kids/friends/colleagues, writing an email

to hopefully inspire people!!! or even if it’s just sitting

quietly for 5 mins feeling grateful and stomach breathing).


^^^Huge productivity tip right there^^^


All sounds very simplified but when

you do this (and for some it isn’t

as easy as it sounds)

you automatically feel different,

you get more stuff done

you feel happy

you stop wasting time

you stop wasting mental & emotional energy

your results will increase


So, remember… all we have is NOW – cherish it.


Happy Monday.


Ste & Gra


P.S. remember you can still get a 2 week free trial with us and stop wasting time, not getting the results you deserve…I gonna stop it in a couple of weeks though so you have had fair warning…>>>>>>

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