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Thursday 27 December 2018

It's the Perfect Day for it

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Hope you had a good...

Let me guess…feeling slightly bloated, happily stuffed...slightly hungover..? bit tired…? …couple of indulgent days in a row..? or maybe it stretched to 3, 4, 5..!?

Any of that familiar...?

It's great isn’t it…

We all need some down time…and I hope you had a great couple of days.


BUT, today could do with being different.


It's time to check the damage, time to re-focus on getting back on track.


Today is the perfect day to tell your mind and body how you intend to roll from now on.


No matter how you feel, getting a decent workout in today will build a positive mind-set knowing that you mean business when it comes to your

health, weight loss and body shape.


DO NOT wait until new year, do not set ‘new year resolutions’…they never last, proven fact! 

Just get your ass up and do something today. 

When you do that, you are sending an important message to yourself…you are saying that YOU, your health, your fitness, your body shape are a priority & are important in your life.

This sets a precedent in your subconscious mind (especially if you carry it on several times this week).

Stop thinking about it, talking yourself out of it and go and do it.

And if you feel like you need a little support on getting you back on track you can always grab your 2 week pt trial...just go here>> 


Steve Butters

Pro-fit Personal Training

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