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Friday 22 March 2019

Last Friday Reminded Me

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Last week few things didn’t quite work out how I wanted, there were some stressful moments, niggles, annoying things that just happen…it happens to us all sometimes.


It would have been easy for me to start focusing too much on the negatives, the annoying things, the tough conversations, the things that weren’t right or I didn’t like…and it would have been easy to feel like that for the weekend…dare I say even felt a bit sorry for myself (not for long though).


However, as you probably know it was comic relief last Friday and if you watched any of it you may have shed a tear…I certainly did.  Some of the things that are going on and the stuff some people go through is very sad. In fact, confession time…I couldn’t actually watch some of it so donated switched to something else.


However, about 8pm on Friday night my attitude had completely changed.  It really makes you think how lucky we all are…how most of our ‘problems’ are not really big problems…how feeling down and sorry for yourself is actually a nonsense (as well as pointless)…and how grateful we all should be…everyday…regardless of the day to day stressors that we may have got caught up in.


This brings me on to a really important aspect of…well…err...everything.


You see, your thoughts, focus & beliefs have huge power…more than people realise. 


When it comes to your goals you generally get what you consistently/persistently focus on, what you think about and what you believe you are worth.


Sooo, if you are unhappy with your current body shape…you will not help yourself by constantly taking negatively about yourself, seeing/focusing on the negatives all the time and comparing yourself to others.


Sure you can and should want to change some things…but you have to start by being grateful for what you have.


When you are truly grateful and thankful (and actually feel the feelings) for what you are and have…physiological and psychological shifts actually happen in your brain…


We don’t need to go into brain science here as that’s too deep and boring for a Friday message from me, but these shifts will actually make it easier for you to get what you want.


Whether that is Weight Loss, strength, confidence, toning, dropping a clothes size, feeling energised and less down about your shape…or anything else in your life actually (think work, business, career, family, money, lifestyle).


Start feeling a different feeling, start focusing on where you want to go and start being grateful for everything you have now (and if you are reading this…you are already one of the lucky ones).


So, here is my little challenge:


Every time you feel yourself thinking negatively about yourself, what you have/haven’t got or comparing to someone else…

…think about someone or something that you are truly grateful for.


And the second part of the challenge is to write down, and think about 2 or 3 things each night that you are grateful for in your life (doesn’t always have to be big things).


If you do this every night for the next few weeks, I promise you…


Your feelings will change


Your results will improve


You will feel more energy & motivation…then you will make better choices, take better actions, build momentum and start to get what you deserve.


Speaking of getting what you deserve…isn’t it time you grabbed your 2 week PT trial (if you haven’t already done so)…you will definitely be grateful for that…


Just click this link and get going>>>


Steve Butters


Pro-Fit Personal Training

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