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Friday 14 June 2019

Lets keep it up

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Just a a quick one to make sure you don’t get too sidetracked this weekend... and to make sure all your hard work this week doesn't get put to the bottom of the priority list.

It’s always a good idea to have reasons why you need to exercise/eat well/create good habits...esp to get you through the weekend. Even if it is raining...thats no excuse...


Here are 10 more reasons to exercise/eat well/stay positive/keep your habits going:


Because your body is actually meant to move, not sit!

Because moving your body actually changes how you feel (for the better)

Because moving/exercing gives you energy

Because your confidence will improve

Because you are showing your brain that YOU are a priority

Because you want & need to be strong (mind & body)

Because quite simply health is wealth

Because you want to show you kids a healthy way to live

Because you want to tone your arms, legs, abs, back & bum

Because it's who you are, and what you is your identity!


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Steve Butters

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