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Monday 24 August 2015

Ouch. My Hamstring Went

Daily Blog post from Pro-Fit Personal Training

So I pulled my hamstring on Friday…

(muscles on the back of your thigh)



Yep, I felt it ‘go’ (weird feeling).


Have played sport and/or done some

form of training most of my life

I’ve never pulled a hamstring before

so it was new one on me!


As well as being a tad painful I

also knew the potential future problems that

this type of injury can turn into…

…if I let it.


Needless to say I was

errr…’hacked’ off – very.


At this point there are 2 choices

we can make…


1)    Stay hacked off, get down,

lose motivation, give yourself a hard time,

give up, be unhappy.




2)    Appreciate it’s a set-back, accept that

it has happened, deal with it, do the right things

to recover, learn from it and use it as an opportunity

to improve and learn about something else.


Now, the first option is the easiest, and I’m

not going to lie, I felt a bit crappy for a while.

It’s ok to feel like this for a bit…its natural.  Any

amount of ‘positive thinking’ aint gonna fix my hamy!


BUT… the problem with the first reaction, if you

let it fester and take over, is that it

makes things worse.

Wallowing in self pity is NOT going to make

anyone feel any better…

…it definitely isn’t going to fix the problem

..and it will probably make you feel crappy making

everything else go to pot.

(even though you think feeling sorry for yourself

makes you feel better…it doesn’t…that’s a lie from

your beliefs and stories).


The second response is what we HAVE

to do whenever we face a set-back.


…and you WILL face different forms of setbacks.


Especially if you are looking to…

Lose weight

Get Fit

Build Muscle

Improve your Body shape

Improve you nutrition

Be healthy

Change lifestyle.


Expect these, have the mental resilience

to deal with it and do not allow your

story to start giving you permission

to pity yourself…


These expected setbacks and

how to deal with them,

along with building the mental

attitude to move on regardless,

is often the difference between succeeding

and not succeeding.


This is one the main skills you will

develop when you work with team


… cos we know what it takes

to get you through the tough times…


If you feel you need that

support then you can come

and get you free trial here…for 2 weeks.


As for my hamstring, I’ve done the right things

to start recovery straight away…

rest, ice compression followed by

some physio…

...changed my training prog so I can

focus on something I haven’t focussed on

for a while…(that’s an opportunity to learn)

…looked at my nutrition as I won’t be doing

as much hard leg or cardio training for the next few weeks

(opportunity to learn again)…

…and give me chance to ‘practice’

my mental resilience skills

(yes it’s a SKILL that everyone should & can learn/practise)


Plus, it means I’ll be doing a Full

Kinetic Chain Assessment again

which is a full biomechanical look

at movements and joints of the body

which every single Pro-Fit client gets as part of

a comprehensive assessment protocol…

…design by experts to allow for

expert results!


..and you know where you

can get one of those>>>>here!



Steve Butters & Graham Webb


P.S. if you live south Manchester way we have 3 of the best physios around…The Pro-Fit physio team are worth their weight in gold…if you need some physio or even a sports massage or assessment...

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