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Friday 1 February 2019

Remember This Guy?

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Here is a little bit of weekend inspiration to help you get through the snow and cold and make some good choices...

If you don't remember him, this is super Stephen Groundwater our winner of Total Loser last year...


Stephen Groundwater... a huge weight loss of 46lbs (and counting) with a reduction in his Belly Button measure of 14cm


"I have been struggling with my weight since an early age, even to the extent of having the nickname of Chunk (as in the goonies) at High School. At an early age I was active but slightly overweight (as Cartman would say I’m not fat, I’m big boned), my real problems started when I commenced work in an office as an Accountant at the age of 16. At that point my diet was up and down but I was far less active stuck behind a desk.


Over the last 27 years my weight has continued to increase and at the same time I have found myself with increasing stress and anxiety caused by an increasing workload and a worsening diet with little to no exercise. About two years ago I took up cycling, which had an immediate impact on my health and wellbeing gradually moving from a mountain bike to a hybrid and then 15 months ago taking the plunge for a road bike. Not long after acquiring the road bike I was hit by a car, which knocked my confidence and set me back in my plans to improve my health. Fortunately my injuries weren’t severe but they were bad enough to keep me off the bike for a good period of time.


My stress and anxiety was increasing as was my weight and over Christmas I was the heaviest I have ever been at 19 stone and feeling very uncomfortable in my 40 inch waist trousers/jeans.


A friend of my wife (Sharon) told her about Total Loser and explained that it may help me get the start I needed. I looked into the program and managed to sign up at the last minute just a day or two before the program started.


I had never done anything like this and had only ever had limited success following things like Weight Watchers and Slimming World without ever attending their classes.


I was extremely nervous attending the gym on the first day and as I sat there watching the room fill up I felt very anxious about the unknown and worried that I may struggle with the diet. I needn’t of worried as from the first minute Nicole (Pro-Fit PT) ensured everyone was put at ease and started the presentation with a contagious energy that continued throughout the morning (as well as for the next 12 weeks!!) aided by the many other Pro-Fit trainers present. I felt that I could give the nutrition advice a go and that if nothing else Total Loser might give me the kick-start I need to start losing weight.


I also signed up for the trial 4 sessions with a Pro-Fit personal trainer.


Having been a member of several different gyms over the years including leisure centres, well known branded gyms and low cost budget gyms, I had never had the confidence to approach a personal trainer never mind even think of signing up for some sessions. Within one 30-minute session on the gym floor I already felt at ease approaching the trainers for the additional help.


The strict plan was difficult to begin with and for the first few days I suffered badly with headaches, however I continued to drink plenty of water and the hunger pains and headaches soon disappeared. The real big challenge for me personally during the first two weeks was no alcohol as I have always enjoyed a drink and all the pitfalls that come with it at a weekend. It was during this period of not drinking that I discovered I had more energy to want to exercise and I was sleeping much better.

During this time I had three pre-planned social occasions that were a real test but I stayed true to the plan. The most challenging night being a trip to the pub with 7 other couples, were all the lads took great joy in calling me water boy for the majority of the night, although the night ended with some admiration when they realised I planned on sticking to my plan.


As the weeks progressed I found the nutritional plan easy to follow and found a new love for cooking, so much so that I took over cooking the majority of meals for Sharon and myself. I was enjoying trying new recipes more than ever before and loving eating plenty of chicken and meat as well as varying my vegetable intake. I was suddenly finding at the end of the week that the fridge was empty of salad and veg as it had all been eaten rather than previously were half packets of various items would be thrown away as out of date and unused.


I also found that by sitting down at the start of the week and planning meals for the week ahead it was easier to ensure the correct foods were purchased. It was also easier coming home knowing what I was going to cook rather than raiding the cupboards for the unhealthy options or grabbing a ready meal from the freezer. I was also starting to prepare my lunches for a couple of days at a time and storing the food in the fridge, which once again made it easier not to grab convenient processed foods. I had been living off ready meals, crisp and chocolate for years, which was now replaced by healthy salads, carrot sticks and celery. After 4/5 weeks I started to notice a huge change in my moods, in that I was becoming much happier and suddenly felt far less stressed and wasn’t suffering from anxiety at all.


By this point I had met with Tom (Pro-Fit PT) and sampled the personal training sessions, I had enjoyed them so much but thought I may not be able to continue the sessions, as I wasn’t a member of the gym. I was so certain the sessions would be a huge help that I cancelled my existing membership at a budget gym and signed up with Total Fitness as well as immediately signing up for weekly sessions with Tom. Tom had put me at ease and did a great job of showing me what could be achieved and what he could do to help me, help myself.


The trainers at Preston are first class and are so passionate about what they do, to the extent that it appears more than a job and more like a commitment to help people get the most from themselves. Every single one of the trainers has played a part in getting me to where I am now but a special mention must be made for Tom and Nicole whom from day one have been there for me, supporting me, encouraging me and always available to offer advice.


I must add that I couldn’t have achieved the weight loss and health improvements without the support of my family. Sharon has been a rock and always ensured that whenever I felt a slight dip she would pick me up again and remind me of why I was doing it. Sharon has also supported me by following the food plan along with me and on the back of being so supportive she has managed to lose a stone herself, which has made me so proud of her efforts.


You realise that this isn’t just a 12-week plan but a change in lifestyle.


It sounds like such a cliché that Total Loser has changed my life, but it truly has.


 I am now exercising at least 5 times a week, including riding my bike a minimum of 50 miles per week as well as improving my average speeds. I have also found the confidence to join spinning classes and circuit training, both classes that I wouldn’t of felt comfortable to try previously.


I feel better about myself and for the first time believe that my targets for weight loss really are achievable. There is no way I will return to my old habits and feel fully committed to continue my weight loss until reaching a healthy weight at which point my plan will start to maintain the weight. None of this would have been possible without the support and tools I have received from Total Loser.


So what now for me I hear you ask!!


Well one of the best bits of advice when starting the plan was to make a note of your goals, why you wanted to achieve them and what challenges lay ahead. This point was stressed that many people ignore this part and we were advised it could really help. I made my notes and kept it in my jacket pocket checking it each week, it read:



Lose 2/3 stone                      - At weigh in I had lost 46lbs


Drop to 38” waist                 - I have purchased two pairs of size 36” jeans which feel great


Improve cycling stamina   - I have increased my average speed by 2 miles an hour


Improve diet                         - My food choices have changed drastically for the better


Reduce alcohol                    - I now ony drink Fridays & Saturdays and even then not every week



To feel better about myself               - I feel great and have never felt more confident about my size


To avoid health issues later in life    - I am confident of improving my health moving forward



Saturday night out              - I still enjoy a night out but drink less and have stopped take aways


Weekend drinking               - I now drink far less at a weekend


Change of diet                     - I used to be set in my ways with choice of foods but now vary greatly


Raiding crisp/treat draw     - I have not eaten any chocolate or crisp in 12 weeks


I will now be drawing up a new list of goals and targets with the intention of being fitter than ever when I come to ride the 100 mile challenge and will continue to set myself targets to ensure I never return to my old ways. I will also be continuing my training with Tom to ensure I have the support that has helped me through the last 12 weeks.


I would without doubt (and already have done) recommend Pro-Fit & this plan to anyone who needs help improving their health, weight and general well being.


Thank you one last time to all involved, you truly have changed my life."




Pretty amazing, I'm sure you'll agree...! Total loser starts next week so why not get your work mates, friends and family involved...just send them to this link asap>>>TOTAL LOSER 19<<<


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Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training



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