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Wednesday 22 May 2019

She Smashed It Too

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Yup, she certainly did...another prize winner from our Body (and life)Transformation competition...


it's super...Stephanie Ashurst - 33lbs lost 18cm belly button loss



'Back in August, joining the gym, I soon found going a chore and the routine monotonous. In regards to classes I felt ashamed/embarrassed and self conscious to give them a try.


My main reason for joining total loser is very personal but important to my story. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for over a year now with no success. We had finally been referred to a fertility clinic, which confirmed that I’m the problem.


My first appointment at the clinic was around week 5/6. I was weighed etc. The doctor asked; “Are you losing weight?” I informed her I was half way through Total Loser, explaining my loss from my initial weigh-In and measurements. Her reply was, “good because your BMI is the highest it can be to be treated. If it was any higher I would of had to postpone treatment until you had got your weight down.”

This was my wake up call to push myself further, to hopefully lose more weight and in turn lower my BMI.

With my new lifestyle, initially, my emotional state was up and down and was rocked even more by the news my closest, life long friend was pregnant.

Had I not developed stronger mentally, thanks to my new support group, I had the will power not to spiral out of control and emotionally eat, as I once would have done.

I threw myself into the gym, trying new classes and seeking new challenges to push myself. With each session, I was finding them more enjoyable.

With a holiday already booked to Wales, I was gutted to be missing just one session. The trainers kindly gave me a work out for me to do, which I did at the usual Saturday morning time of 8am so I remained in sync with the group.
We went on daily walks and when we stayed in I used the weights, skipping rope and accessories we took with us. I even did planks and push ups at the top of waterfalls one day.


My eating habits stayed consistent to the total loser guidelines. I had continuous support, whilst away, thanks to our WhatsApp group.

The personal support I have been and continue to be offered, has helped me achieve the loss of 15kg and 43cm.

Proving more effective than the many diets I have previously tried, as it is not a quick fix, Total Loser is a lifestyle change for the better.

I can now hold a full plank, do burpees & mountain climbers.

I am out of my comfort zone when I am NOT going to the gym or exercising.

I enjoy cooking my meals from fresh and experimenting with flavours. I used to think that cooking from fresh was a chore and took too long, but I have learnt that it’s just as quick and much nicer than shoving something processed in the oven.


Lastly, thank you to all behind the scenes and at the forefront of Total Loser. I am no longer a mental loafer!

I am heading in the direction I want to be and have no intention of turning back. Total loser 2019 has changed my life in many ways, both physically and mentally. I will be joining you next year at a maintained or lower weight.'



Great stuff, yet again! and if that story makes you think a little you a little nudge...and makes you feel a little bit more inspired to keep going, keep pushing, stay in the game then you are winning...all that left to do it get out there and take some action...


...and one such action step could be to grab your 2 week PT trial (well done to those who already have!)...just click the link, scroll to the bottom and i'll see you there...




Steve Butters

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