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Friday 15 February 2019

Smashing the French with Life Lessons

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In case you are not a rugby fan England smashed France last weekend in the six nations competition…which is always a welcomed feeling!

And when you think about rugby (whether you like it or you don’t) it can be a great metaphor for life.

The attitude of…’Get completely smashed by an 18st monster(Courtney Laws)…get up, dust yourself off and carry on’... is amazing. 

And when it comes to hitting your weight loss goals, fitness, health, nutrition, lifestyle targets etc… this type of attitude is so important. 

In fact, come to think about it, it applies to any goal/outcome/target that you want…in any area of your life.

You see, at some point you will get ‘hit’… You may even get knocked to the floor… You will come up against obstacles…

That is a fact that you need to accept, and even expect, if you want to move forward.

BUT…what is important is how you deal with that ‘hit’…

Now, you can stay down, feel sorry for yourself, be negative, tell yourself all sorts of negative stuff, get frustrated, angry and upset…

…but that attitude will keep you on the floor getting trampled on, not moving forward and feeling even worse.


You can, get up, drive forward, make ground and continue in the direction of your goals…

It’s a mindset & attitude…and you can choose to have that mindset every day.

When you make that choice you cannot to fail to move forward and eventually score your own personal life ‘try’.

And, guess what, even the best rugby players in the world, need a coach and team around makes success even more likely…

You could say it’s a bit like having a Pro-Fit coach and the Pro-Fit team helping you along in the ‘scrum of life’… (cheesy analogy I know!)

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Steve Butters

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