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Tuesday 10 July 2018

Stubborn Fat Success Story

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Here is another client result with great before and after pic (below).  For people with that frustrating stubborn fat that won’t shift or the mummys out there that are struggling with ‘mum tum’ (her words, not mine!) then you may feel inspired by this…


Nicola Boon

Weight Loss 4kg    Belly Button loss – 9cm


"My journey has many similarities and my struggle started 16 months ago when I gave birth to my twin boys…                                   


Before my pregnancy I was very active, 8 stone 13 and spent the majority of my time playing numerous netball games/competitions and participating in a range of netball training/circuit session. I also had a treadmill at home so I’d go downstairs, stick on some music and run for 5-8k 3 times a week.


During the pregnancy I started to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day to keep my fitness up, that coupled with an active fulltime job I was feeling good and loving my new body as it started to grow but at the same time started to worry about the size I was going to get to, being only 5 foot 0 I thought my bump would go very big and the skin would be stretched to its limit!


36 week later, 3 stone heavier, a very sore back and to top it off my boys both decided to be breech so a natural birth wasn’t an option, I was scared about having a c section as I was told I wouldn’t be able to do much after the birth and with having twins I thought I’d need to be hands on more than others. 4 days later was my due date and Joel & Ethan arrived 45 seconds apart weighing 5.5 ½ and 5.8! No wonder my back was agony!


2 months after the pregnancy my sister, best friend and cousin signed up for Total Loser 2017 and I was interested to join, unfortunately it was too close to my section and the recovery from the c section was hindered as I got an infection in the open scar so the doctor told me to rest more and no exercise for 14 weeks. Luckily my friends showed me the meal plan and told me about how much they loved the sessions, which made me determined to join the TL 2018!


I wanted to get back active after being given the all clear and I created a running club where we often ran on the local running track and along the canal. As the weeks passed more of my friends began to come running as it became more about the fun and laughter rather than thinking of it as exercise to lose weight. We began to run 3 times a week in the summer until I started playing netball once a week and did the 5k colour run and 5k pretty muddy as well.


Even with the running I struggled to get rid of the ‘mum tum’... when I heard from my friends that PRO-FIT were running Total Loser 2018 I signed up really excited about joining the team and started to think of the changes the experience could make.


We were given a traffic light meal plan and at first glance I thought I could struggle as I have an allergy to nuts, intolerance to eggs and IBS that is set off from sausages and berries. I gave it a try and week 1 went really well coupled with starting to do more fitness DVDs as the boys napped and walking more with the pram. Week 2 started and I began to struggle sticking to the traffic light meal plan so decided to go onto the habit change plan, each week doing something different to help benefit a healthier lifestyle.


By week 3 I could already tell I had more energy and my clothes started to fit better or even not fit at all! I started to enjoy making meals for myself and the family and we all started to make healthier choices.


Week 12 came around really quick and at measurement and weigh in I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was down 9cm from my belly button and 3.3kg lighter…

…smashing my pre pregnancy weight by over half a stone.


The last 12 week have shown that I can do anything if I put my mind to it, so this is the start of my journey to a healthier, happier family life and that’s all thanks to Pro-Fit & Total Loser along with the amazing team I had with me…total fitness team Whitefield aka…Mighty Whiteys!!"


Great work from nicola, and hopefully you can see/feel parts of that in your own journey,  which gives you a little nudge to make a difference, whether you are new mum, someone who is feeling frustrated with those last bits of fat or whether you want a new lease of life with high level of confidence and energy...If so you know where team Pro-Fit is to help...JUST HERE>>>(Click the PT trial link)>>




Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training

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