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Thursday 18 April 2019

That 'Good' FFFFriday feeling

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I know it's Thursday but just a little warning for tomorrow...


Ok so Easter is here and chocolate temptations are all around us. Many of you will have a couple of extra days off and have things planned.


That’s fab, a bit of R ‘n R is good for the soul, and necessary for mental and physical health.


BUT…don’t use the weekend as an excuse to completely throw everything out of the window when it comes to your diet and lifestyle plan.


Let’s not turn today into  ‘not so Good Friday’…followed by not so good weekend!


You see when it comes to this type of weekend you are pretty damn good at convincing yourself that its ok to go mad for 4 days…sometimes more…and you justify all the excuses your conscious & subconscious minds can come up with (a lot of you have been convincing yourself of these excuses for many years so you maybe an expert in this field!).


Now, before you switch off to my rambling completely I’m not saying don’t relax or enjoy yourself…I believe life is all about living and having fun.


There are just a few little things you can do for yourself that will limit the damage and avoid the guilt ridden slug of the following days/weeks.


Firstly, just set yourself 1 day of indulgence OR 2-3 meals where you know that you will enjoy whatever you want and will feel bad/guilty or doing it.


Next make sure you keep to the basic success habits…ideally get a good amount of protein each day.  This will set your fat burning, energy producing hormones and neuro transmitters up for the day, whilst also reducing cravings and keep you fuller for longer.


Next, make sure you are active & train each day. Use some of the extra time off to nail an efficient, tough workout…you need to earn your indulgences so bust your ass and enjoy the rest of the day.


Next, if you are going to have chocolate, make it organic, 70%+ dark (85% even better) and savour it without going overboard on the amount...don’t snaffle a whole easter egg in 2 mins flat…and then do the same an hour later.


Lastly, if you are looking to lose weight and are worried about temptation…ask people to support you tell your loved ones to avoid buying you chocolate…then the temptation isn't even there.  Plus, if you have kids they don't need loads of easter eggs (not that you would ever buy them more so you could have some..??!).  Do a little hunt or something fun, maybe even active...that has a couple of chocolate surprises...or maybe even get them something else that isn't chocolate related..?


On top of all that, if you still haven't done it, you could always grab your 2 week PT Trial...>JUST GO HERE AND GET IT NOW<


Merry Easter…


Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training

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