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Tuesday 12 March 2019

The Answer is Easy (but it's a choice)

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Question: How quickly can you change your 'state'

What I mean by state is how you feel, your demeanour, your energy, motivation, thoughts and overall 'being' in that moment

Now, everyone has moments where energy is a bit lower, we’re not quite feeling at the top of our game and we’re maybe feeling a little distracted or even a tad low (yes even us personal trainers sometimes get energy lulls).

Answer: In an instant!

Yep, the reality is, you can change how you feel in an instant. If you aren’t in a great ‘state’ the quickest way to change how you feel is to change your physiology…ie MOVE…go for a walk, run, jump up and down on the spot, change your posture (sit up or stand straighter and taller), run up the stairs, just get up and go to the loo…anything just move and keep moving for a few mins. This has a physiological and psychological effect.

Other things you can do to change state a supportive friend, put on you favourite uplifting song/music, watch a motivational vid, read something motivational, listen to a motivational quote, say incantations to yourself, write down a couple of mini wins from the day or the week, write down and think about some things you are grateful for (there are ALWAYS things to be grateful for), write down what’s on your mind, write out a brain dump or a list of stuff that keep going round and round…

…all these things can help you to change your state in an instant if you CHOOSE to.

Yep, you have a choice. Now that doesn’t mean we never have times where we don’t feel great, tired, annoyed, sad etc.. everyone does, it’s human emotion and that’s ok.

What’s not ok is to wallow in those negative feelings, worry about stuff you can't control, complain about stuff without solutions, feel sorry for yourself and look for sympathy, or even try and bring others down. If you do that, you will just feel worse, which will keep you feeling negative, which will affect your motivation, energy levels and therefore your goals, relationships, work and Life…

You have everything you need within you to change that state everyday, but most people need a helping hand along the way, a kickstart and state changing reminder…which will ultimately get you to where you want to be…and that is what we do...soooo…grab your 2 week PT Trial while you still can>>>

Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training


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