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Tuesday 2 October 2018

The Power of a 1 letter change

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How you look at the world (which is actually just your perception) usually dictates how you feel about it.

Now, if you are not self aware this can cause…either good or bad choices & good or bad decisions & positive or negative behaviours. 

This can therefore dictate whether 1)you enter a negative spiral of tired, self defeating, blame, complain & victimhood…


2) it can send you in a positive spiral that ignites energy, focus, gratitude & success.

Which would you choose?

Yes, it’s a choice…your choice.

Now I’m not saying this in a happy-clappy, ‘positive thinking’ everything is gonna be ok way…

I’m saying that you have a choice about the way you filter and perceive things in your life that will serve you well or serve you in negative way.


Here’s an example…

‘I’ve got to go to the gym’


…maybe you have had a little bit extra in the old pudding department or you drank a bit too much or you ‘fell off’ your wagon, so you decide to punish yourself by going to the gym and smashing yourself in to ‘work it off’.

This can easily lead to a negative association with exercise, going to the gym and everything that surrounds it. You class it as punishment!!


Now you look at it this way…

‘I get to go to the gym’…


…the implication is totally different.  It’s is a positive message that you are giving your body and mind something that will make you live longer, feel energised, look better, help to give you more confidence, make you nicer to be around…etc etc.  In fact, exercise is a reward for your body/mind and you should feel grateful that you have the ability to do that for yourself…

Bit different…? And it all comes down to an attitude, mindset and knowing how to get the best from yourself.

Dot get me wrong, it doesn’t mean you are going to feel negative emotions from time to time, it doesn’t mean we ignore how we feel, but we have to recognise it (there’s usually a behaviour pattern) for what it is, accept it and then choose a better response so you can get back into a positive spiral as opposed to a negative one.

Stuff falls into place from there, which means your results in everything will improve.

So, you get to read this today…lucky you!

you GET to exercise and eat well today…Lucky you

you get to choose how you respond to things…lucky you

you get to get to finish that piece of work on time...

you get to sort your finances out...

you get to walk in the cold and rain

you get to go to work each day and live your life on your terms…LUCKY YOU.


Another thing that is pretty lucky for you and is an even better opportunity to GET to do something…

Yep you know what it is…

...It’s jumping on board with team Pro-Fit…you don’t have to…

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Steve Butters

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