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Monday 20 May 2019

There's more inspiration where that came from

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As we saw on Thursday a worthy winner of the coveted Total Loser 19 was shared...(apparently the pic didn't show so I have shared it at the bottom of this...sorry about that!!)


Well, here is another inspirational prize winner for you...


Kirsty Mackay-Lightfoot - 31lbs lost and 23cm lost around belly button!!


So where do I begin? I have always felt I have battled with my weight, yoyo'd up and down over the years. I've felt good some years and awful the next, had phases of exercise and diets; detox, slimming world, WW, cabbage diet, 5.2 you name it, I've tried it but not really sticking to anything or having the motivation to continue with them. I've used every excuse - too tired, too busy, too much housework or I will start on Monday, well that monday turned into a lot of next Mondays!


Over the past 15 years I have lived abroad supporting my husbands career in France and Germany, which meant lots of wine and wonderful pastries and of course the french bread and socializing! I had three beautiful little girls and falling pregnant was just an excuse to eat , through boredom and being on my own whilst my husband worked I ate whatever I wanted and the girls leftovers. I would try to loose weight after they were born but motivation whilst the girls were little felt impossible, not having the support of family and friends being around me, also made it hard and very lonely. I then felt it didn't matter as I knew I wanted more babies so the cycle began again!


As the girls get older I have realised I need to be a good role model for them, if I'm not then who else will be.... Social media, magazines or popstars?

The crazy thing is I make sure they eat full nutritious meals, go to gymnastics, dance and football to keep them healthy while I used to eat the crisps, sweets and biscuits behind the cupboard door so they didnt see!


I woke up on 1st of January and something just clicked, I was determined to be a happier, healthier more active Mummy and loose alot of my own insecurities. I had a year until I was 40 and I was determined to make a difference to myself!! I'd lost half a stone before and was starting to go down my old path of giving up when I had a message from my friend asking me to join TL, She did it last year and her results were amazing!! (thank you Hannah) and with the mindset of 'if she can do it then so can I' I signed up.

Walking into TF Chester for weigh day and photos and having to get my top off for a photo in front of others was horrendous, the same feeling of walking into a swimming pool and feeling like people are looking at you like you're naked (I used to hate taking the girls swimming for that reason) it was just awful!

I have put everything into the last 12 weeks, I have stuck to the plan, exercised at least 4 or 5 times a week, been on bike rides, runs and walks with the family. I stuck to it even through half term - taking the girls to sit outside the gym class whilst I did the workout!!


I have completely changed my way of thinking with food and alcohol and really put myself first, which as a mum it's really tough to not feel guilty,
I'm amazed at my own determination through this because TL has really worked for me, I feel so much more confident in myself and have sooo much more energy, I'm so proud of what I have achieved with support from Team Chester and pro fit trainers (huge thanks to Richard Hopkins for your motivation, advice and quotes that really spurred me on when I needed them!!)


One of my goals was to go on a Hen do in April that was booked last year and feel great in my clothes and a swimsuit - a year prior on another hen do I had felt so self conscious and did not enjoy feeling exposed when really the only one it bothered was me! This hen do was 10 weeks in to TL, I was 10kg down and I felt absolutely fantatstic and so proud of my efforts as the only person who changed me was me!


My next goal is to be wearing a bikini on a tropical beach for my 40th Birthday and not feeling I have to grab the sarong to cover myself up constantly, feeling better than ever and being a great role model for my girls! If I achieved this in 12 weeks I'm excited for the future. Thank you Total Loser....From a better me xx


Awesome work from Kirsty...any of that story sound familiar...role model to the kids etc...??


If so and you haven't yet had your 2 week PT trial   why not?? ha...come and grab it, or even grab it for a friend...just go here>>>



Steve Butters

Pro-Fit PT

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