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Friday 5 April 2019

They are made now

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So the nights are getting lighter...the weather supposed to be getting better (it is a bit)... mothers day has been and Easter is nearly here...defo in spring!

and what comes after spring...yup, summer!

and...cheesy annoying fitness line alert...

'Summer bodies are made in spring!'

Before we know it, summer will be here and you really don’t want to be thinking, I wish I had done something about this sooner (again).

It’s funny how the mind works sometimes isn’t it;  We often put off what we know is actually one of the most important things we should do? 

We do it with work sometimes, housework, DIY, going to the gym, prepping a meal/meals...etc...

It’s called procrastination and there is all sorts of psychology and neuro-science around research around it.  It usually appears when we tell ourselves stories (mostly lies) & give ourselves justifications as to why it's ok not to do,

or how hard you have it compared to everyone else so it’s more difficult for you…

or how little time you have…blah blah…!

In reality procrastination is usually just some kind of fear showing up.  Your reptilian brain is actually trying to protect you…doing it’s job because that part of your brain does not know the difference between been chased by a sabre tooth tiger…

or feeling a little uncomfortable in front of others,

or not knowing the outcome of something,

or being scared of failing,

or worrying about a future outcome that hasn't even happened,

or any number of other outcomes that these older parts of brain will have you believe…

As humans we need strategies to move out of that part of the brain and move to our creative and logical part (pre-frontal cortex) and actually question the need to be ‘kept safe’…

As long as there isn’t any sabre toothed tigers around, you will be fine and you should actually look for ways to remove your brain from this perceived threat.  Otherwise it may stop you in your tracks, allow you to procrastinate, come up with excuses and justify your inaction…and actually stop yourself from doing what you know you need to do, NOW…

In this case ('summer bodys made in spring'), that could be getting you mind, lifestyle, exercise and nutrition plans set up so you can enjoy summer (and the accompanying swimwear choice) without feeling guilt, embarrassment and lack of confidence with your shape…again.

So, if you want to get those results, you had better start looking at it now.  And if you want help getting those summer results and us guaranteeing them…you better jump on board quick…

...some of the 2 week trials are not available in certain areas because we are full!!

However, if you do want yours then click here and find out if you still can…>>


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