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Monday 4 February 2019

They are NOT going on a Diet

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Today, 100's of people will be weighed & measured, which is the kick off to their 12 week Total Loser journey

(first session proper starts on Saturday...Last few places remain HERE in case anyone's missed it or want to forward it to get family and friends involved??).


Most people joining the program want to either lose weight, transform their body in some way, tone up, get fitter and stronger, increase energy, increase confidence and/or feel better about themselves.


All good…


Yet, what they/you are not doing is

‘going on a diet’.


Yes, it’s 12 weeks of nutrition and exercise support but this 12 weeks should be

the stepping stone to a new, long term (life long really) lifestyle change that they/you will love.


‘Going on a diet’ involves an external and temporary change in the way you eat and what you eat.


It’s almost like a new technique or tool that is going to produce the result…

…not YOU!!!


Once the diet is finished, or you have reached some kind goal weight (if you stuck it out!)…you go back to ‘normal’…


and guess what…SO DOES YOUR WEIGHT

(plus a little bit extra cos you have messed your metabolism up!)


Oh, and all the problems you thought would just go away with the weight…are still there!

Making a lifestyle change involves an internal and permanent change in your

relationship with food, eating, exercise and…yourself.


Once you recognise that the real problem isn’t always what you eat, or sometimes even how much you eat…but how and why you eat, then you can make

lifestyle changes that last.


Eating mindlessly, impulsively (without intention or awareness) and/or using food to manage your emotions, distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts, or make you ‘feel’ better…this is what really needs to change.


Learning to take good care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally is key...and this is so that you don’t want to use food to solve ‘problems’ it really can’t and never will.


Remember, it is a lifelong enjoyable learning process that is constantly changing as your needs and circumstances change.


This doesn't mean the other ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter.


Obviously what you eat is vital, and caring how you look is a great motivator.


Its just a case of looking where YOU fit in to it all.


So…to feel proud, satisfied and happy with YOU, keep the weight off for good enjoy life…you need to take personal responsibility for YOU and what YOU can control…


…forget the stuff you cannot control.


So start living a lifestyle instead of going on a diet and you may find things fall into

place more than they ever have…


And in my humble (and correct!) opinion the best people to support you to do that, make it easier and more fun...and give you everything you need to guarantee results is team Pro-Fit…!


Now, I’m biased but you can always grab your 2 week trial first to see what it's all about…

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Steve Butters


Pro-Fit Personal Training

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