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Friday 21 June 2019

We don't like exercise

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Whether you are a newbie to exercise and fitness or a seasoned gym bunny…there is no escaping the fact that working out is hard errr…work!


Now, believe it or not most other people, including us personal trainers (despite the false pretence on social media) don’t always love the process of doing exercise just as much as you or the next person: it’s hard, uncomfortable, sometimes a little painful…


I'm sure if you asked most people there are plenty of things they'd rather be doing sometimes than training…like snoozing, sitting watching TV, chilling out, lying in the sun (if we actually get any), playing with the kids, listening to music, being out,  reading, eating & drinking with friends etc…but the reason you need to stick with it is because of the way it makes you feel and the results you will get.


The process may not be that likeable, but the results are awesome.  Whether its weight loss, fitness, health, strength (mind and body), confidence or energy levels, doing exercise will make you feel alive and energised.


That is always worth remembering when you are feeling tired, uncomfortable or that time when your workout is whispering in your ear to quit...or worse than that its whispering in your ear to not even go! 

It reminds you that you are strong, alive, lucky to be able to move in this way…so if we flip it and embrace the discomfort, you will be able to achieve more.


That breathless feeling, that burning sensation in your muscles, that bit where your lungs feel like they are about to burst out of your chest, your legs feel like they could spontaneously combust, or that mental and physical momentary fatigue…are all reminders to appreciate the amazing body that you have, capable of doing amazing things…way more amazing than you sometimes believe…that will ultimately give you what you want and make you feel 10 times better than you did when you started.


Remember, you will never regret the workout you just did, but you will often regret the workout that you chose to miss!


It ain't easy but guess what.... exercise shouldn’t be ‘easy’.  

It should give you a certain challenge, and when you come up against that challenge make sure you don’t run away or quit when you know you could have pushed a touch more. Use this a metaphor for life as well!


Feel it; Take it on; Use it as a reminder that as difficult as that moment in time may be, it isn't the toughest thing you'll ever do, and you are always capable of more than you think.


The life paradox in there mean it will actually make all the other tough times easier…and help you appreciate and enjoy the good times even more!


So, all that is left to do is expect the challenge, embrace the feeling, be grateful for it, remember why you are doing it and ultimately, how it will make you FEEL.


Now get to it!


And if you want to make sure you have the right plan in place to and a support team to hold you accountable, makings those results and feelings guaranteed…you know where to come…grab your 2 week PT trial if you haven’t already…>>

Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training


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