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Wednesday 12 September 2018

Were My 6 Pack Abs Fake?

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Whilst I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago my misses took selfie picture of her & our youngest son on a boat…and put it on Instagram to show people who care about what we were up to show a good pic of mummy & her boy...Nowt wrong with that, all good.

Now unbeknown to her (or me till days later!) she manged to get me in the background chilling out, admiring the scenery, soaking up some sun in my own little world…in my swimmers!

Now the picture was…lets say…flattering of me!  Don’t worry this is NOT a self-indulgent email…it does have a point...stay with me.

The way the pic was taken, the angle I’m sat at and the way the light must have been, it gave the appearance of pretty ‘ripped’ 6/8 pack abs. A few people commented blah blah…

‘Ok Steve…why the hell are you telling me about your abs…’ I hear you say with rolled eyes!

Well, you see the picture wasn’t actually a true reflection of how I look in ‘live’ all year round.  Now don’t get me wrong, I eat well most of the time, I train hard most of the time and I’m in decent shape…BUT I don’t have the ripped 6/8pck that the picture made it look like I had…(esp as I was on my hols, probably drank a couple more san miguels than normal, ate a couple of portions of paella more than normal and was feeling a tad bloaty..).

So why am I telling you this…? Well this pic/post got me thinking.  A lot of people post a lot of pics on social media…and a lot of people do so for external recognition from everyone else (which is another article in itself)….what then happens is that a lot of people compare themselves to these ‘perfect ‘ individuals and then feel bad about how they don’t/can’t look like that or that their life isn’t like that and their focus turns to what they haven’t got!

What you see in these post/pictures ain’t always reality…!  You can guarantee the best lighting, best pose, best angle, best use tan lines etc… has enhanced the reality.

I’m not saying everyone does it…I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing…people do it and often they mean well, from a good place to help people (even if it has the opposite effect sometimes) and to help market businesses-which hopefully help people!

BUT what you must never do, is compare yourself to these none-reality pics – this will only effect your own confidence in YOU, where as you need to be doing things to build your own confidence, esteem etc…

So the only person you need to compare yourself to is…YOU (not fakebook or insta pics).  If you want to improve in any area, use yourself as the bench mark…!   Are you giving your best, taking personal responsibility and improving who you are today compared to who you were yesterday?  That question will give you all the actionable answers you need!

And don’t be afraid to ask for help from experts and people who care, who can drive improvements with you…and hold you accountable…whether that be body shape, weight, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition etc…AND the best people to get help from (in my humble and correct opinion)…

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