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Monday 6 March 2017

Workplace Wellness..But it's the Same for You

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This weekend we delivered another one of our corporate health bootcamps with a top law firm in Manchester and some of their high level exec clients.


We talked about all aspects of health, stress management, energy, productivity and performance…along with nutrition, exercise, weight loss etc… on top of mixing in strongman sessions, bootcamp(a very muddy one!), team races and then some goals and actions to implement. 


…a main part of it was going through our 5 part ‘Wellness Blueprint’.


You see, if there is one thing that top execs, bosses and team leaders want from their staff it would be high levels of health, energy, self-confidence, productivity, performance and happiness!


Good health is actually good for business!!


Now, if you think about it, most people would want exactly that for themselves, their kids and family too.


And guess what…


Whether it’s Health,


Weight Loss


Body shape Change

Clothes Sizes

Confidence Increased

Improved Posture

Feeling Happier


Many of the same common sense principles apply.


Yes, there are physiological, biochemical and psychological differences in each and every one of us…that’s what’s makes you unique…

…as well as our differing lifestyles and aspirations...and there is no ‘one size fits all’



…don’t let the pseudo-scientific media confuse, scare or  pretend to ‘educate’ you about health, fitness, energy, physiology or psychology.


There are some basics that hold true for pretty much everyone and if you follow these you will be on the right track to looking and feeling better…


Eliminate (or at least limit) Processed foods.

Eat REAL foods

Drink more water

Eat more green veg (yes alkaline blended-not fruit juiced-smoothies count)


Move More

Sleep more (or get a higher quality of sleep)

Stomach Breath

Believe you’re worth it

Balance Lifestyle more (without stressing about it or feeling guilty)

Get outdoors…




When you live your day to day life with these kind of basics you begin to feel different, then you begin to look a little different, you then have more energy to do the stuff you want to do…which leads to feeling a little more accomplished, which leads to increased motivation…which leads to better choices and decisions…which leads to you feeling happier, which leads to feeling better, which leads to feeling more energised which leads to doing more…etc etc… the cycle continues.


This is a success cycle that you can begin creating right away with a few simple tweaks…


Once you know this success cycle, when the challenges and obstacles come up you know exactly what to do to get back into your success cycle…


Now…all you have to do is …TAKE ACTION and actually do something…even if it one little thing to being the cycle.


One of those little actions could be>> CLICKING RIGHT HERE << and coming in for your 4 session, 2 week PT trial with one of our amazing team…


Steve & Graham

Pro-Fit Personal Training


P.S. if you are a business owner/partner/HR/someone who wants to change a corporate culture…and want to do something like many of the top UK firms we work with then reply to this email here.

*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and are based on individual circumstances. Timeframes for results are not guaranteed and commitment and a desire to change is required.

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