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Friday 29 March 2019

You can have a Coffee break now

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There are so many variables when it comes to physical and mental health, nutrition, fitness and mindset that it’s impossibleto give a short black and white answer.


However…that is exactly what I am attempting to do.  Of course I could write loads for each answer but for some reason people want quick fix answers so here is an attempt to do just that. Remember, it always relies your personal individuality (ie what is right for you might not be right for you friend), context and your specific lifestyle...


Coffee break quickie, here we go:


Q: if there was 1 single nutrition change/habit to nail, what would it be?

A: (wow…impossible to get it to just 1...and it is dependant on your goals!!) 

err…drink more water, eat real natural foods majority of the time.


Q: Can I drink coffee?

A: Yep – preferably organic and ideally not from 2pm onwards (it may affect sleep quality in the day/evening). Ideally black (less calories, sugar & milk).


Q: What’s the best yogurt to eat?

A: Plain Greek yogurt, liberte, or skyr.


Q: Is fresh fruit (and veg) healthier than frozen?

A: No. Frozen is as good, sometimes better.


Q: Is fruit juice good for me?

A: Not really - just eat the fruit!


Q: what you top 3 weight loss tips?

A: (Wow, now I'm on the spot...only 3..arrgh??) 1-be in a calorie deficit 2-eat enough protein 3-more bonus 4 - do these consistently & track it


Q: How often should I exercise?

A: as often as you can (min 4 times per week)…remember it doesn’t have to be a long workout.


Q: How do it fit exercise in?

A: Stop telling yourself you don’t have time (it’s a lie). Prioritise you. You are worth it.


Q: What are your top 3 Core exercises?

A: there are loads but...Side plank, Bird Dog, Dead Bug


Q: Why is it so hard to keep weight off?

A: You were either on a diet and saw it as short term so went back to what you were doing. 

OR, you got complacent. 

OR, you stopped your success habits. 

OR, you didn’t have a maintenance plan.

OR, you don't have a strong 'Why'

OR, you didnt work on your self worth and esteem as well.

Q: What is the number 1 most important part of health, nutrition, fitness etc…?

A: Your mindset and attitude (stuff will fall into place after that)


Q: what is the number PT company in the world

A:  Pro-Fit PT (haha...IMO)


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Coffee break over, Back to work now...


Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Peral Training

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