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Tuesday 29 January 2019

YOU & your mind will Always be there

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I’ve had a few conversations recently, in fact, one with one of my own team that got me thinking about what people think will make them happier, hardly ever is.


You see many people think that if they get a new job they will be happier…

Many people think that if they change their hair it will make them happier…

Many people think that if they move it will make them happier…

Some people think that by changing their external environment in some way they will automatically be happier…(ie running away really)

And many people feel that if they lose weight…they will be happier!


Now all of those things may contribute in some way to feeling happier but not if this external change is the only thing that they are working on.


You see, people often look to change stuff on the outside thinking it will change the way they are, the way they look, and the way they feel etc…


HOWEVER, there is one massive caveat to it all…and it’s this:


Whatever you do, wherever you go…

YOU take 'YOU' with YOU.

You cannot get away from err.. YOU.


Your mindset, your thoughts and your underlying beliefs (often limiting ones) follow you.

You need to understand that wanting to move, change your external environment, change a relationship or putting weight on, is usually a symptom of something else. 


If you only address the symptom you’ll never permanently solve anything.


If you look to keep identifying and constantly working on the underlying internal issues, your beliefs, values and who you actually are on the inside (with no comparisons to others, no want for external recognition from others, simple knowing YOU)… you will be a happier individual and much more likely to treat yourself with the respect you deserve…making your life (or areas of your life) much less of a struggle.


If you want to see and feel a difference on the outside then you need to change the stuff on the inside. 

Moving jobs won’t change it on its own.

Constantly searching for a different partner wont change you.

Even losing weight alone, will change you…


…unless you work on internal YOU simultaneously. The grass ‘aint always greener…that’s just your belief to validate your decision to look externally.


You see, eating well, exercising, sleeping well, looking after your mental health, meditation, yoga, learning about yourself-your own motivations, mindset and mentality, understanding what you value and introducing the behaviours & habits that facilitate this internal change…is all part of it.


When you start to do that…guess what…you FEEL 10 times better within yourself, which means you are more likely to make good decisions…meaning you are more likely to actually get the External results you been searching for but never found!! 


It’s sometimes very difficult to do that on your own, and something we have been helping people with for 15 years…

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Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training

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