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Monday 8 October 2018

Your Reasons this Monday

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Let's start the week with a bang and hopefully a little nudge from me to get the ball rolling…the time is gonna pass anyway so you may as well do something good, different, worthwhile and smash it…?!

And don’t worry about it, if you ‘don’t feel like it’…that happens to everyone, but if we have a few reasons like these to get us through it becomes a non-negotiable, and it doesn’t even matter if you ‘don’t feel like it’.  That becomes irrelevant to whether you do it or not!  If you get yourself to the place where you are doing it regardless of how you feel, your feelings don’t get to rule your decision! Especially as you KNOW you will feel better afterwards.

So here we go again with some ‘reasons’ to train…


Because it makes you feel like you can take on LIFE.

Because increasing your physical strength with help you live longer.

Because increasing your cardio fitness will help you live longer.

Because getting stronger mentally will help you err…live longer.

Because you want your energy levels to increase.

Because your kids are making notes from you, on how to their live their life.

Because you know your sleep improves when you make the right choices.

Because you said you would and you understand that keeping your promises to yourself if a huge priority.

Because exercise, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices will impact all of the lifestyle diseases that are out there.

Because you want a shapely body that you feel proud of

Because there are 78 days until Christmas and you can still make a massive difference to you weight, health, strength, fitness, body shape & confidence

And if you want some help keeping you on track, making it fun, making sure you are doing the best plans for your individual lifestyle & goals then you know where we are for your 2 week PT trial>>RIGHT HERE>>

Get to it

Steve Butters

Pro-Fit Personal Training

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