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Team Training

Train with other like minded people

Join the thousands of others who have changed their bodies with Pro-Fit, from just £5 per session… Pro-Fit’s famous Team Training Program has helped over 1000 people change their bodies and their lives.

And now we are ready to help you too!


  • You are Frustrated with your lack of results
  • You are Tired and Sluggish
  • Your clothes are tight
  • You don’t have the energy you used to have
  • You are going from diet to diet and still not seeing any lasting changes

Then this could be just what you are looking for…

So what’s involved?

  • 3 x Group Personal Training sessions per week
  • Nutrition coaching, plans and a free recipe book
  • Full access to your Pro-Fit trainer
  • Email and Facebook support
  • Regular measures, goal setting reviews and educational workshops

All from just £5 per session…

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What are the other benefits as well as weight loss?

  • Team support
  • Gym buddies
  • Less foggy head
  • More motivation
  • More concentration
  • Sleeping better.....
  • Could go on...

Pushing myself beyond that point where I struggle and normally quit or stop! Discovering my old wardrobe!!! More confidence Smiling more! Enjoying work again... The effect it's having on my children.
Diabetes in remission. More energy. Concentration better. Arthritis less painful. More mobility. Stronger. Happier. So much has changed for the better I could be here all day
Blood pressure down significantly, Sleeping better, brighter eyes, More energy, more agility; Finding favourite old clothes are now fitting - and learning how to cook is a big bonus! And just generally feeling on top form and happy."

Still not sure?

We know you might still have some concerns like:

I can’t make every session – that’s OK. As long as you follow the nutrition plans and do as much as you can fit in, you will still get great results

I’m not fit enough – as long as you do not have a serious injury and can walk you will be fine. Everything will be adapted and there will be a number of other people who are also thinking exactly the same, so don’t worry.

I don’t know anyone – most people are in the same boat and everyone is friendly and like-minded. You can also bring your friends along, even if they are not currently members of the gym.

My confidence is low in a group – this is something that a number of people said at the start of last year’s event and it was great to see them make new friends and improve their confidence every single week.

The nutrition will be too strict – we have different nutrition plans to cater for everyone’s needs and one of the plans is a simple habits plan that isn’t restrictive and that adds a new habit each week.

I’m a vegetarian – we have included plans and recipes for vegetarians too.

So just to recap

What are you waiting for?

The plan is fun, friendly and supportive and you will be given everything you need to feel better than you have in years.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people and the team from Pro-Fit will be there for you every step of the way.

Do not fall in to the ‘I’ll think about it’ trap or the ‘I will do it later’ trap.

These traps are what prevent you from losing weight, looking younger and feeling more confident about your body.

We would hate you to miss out on this and to see other people having fun and doing so well.

Don’t be the person who looks back and says "I wish I had signed up"

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Session Times

Altrincham Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 7pm
Saturday 10am
Wilmslow Monday and Wednesday 7am
Saturday 8.30am
Monday and Wednesday 7pm
Saturday 8.30am
Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm
Saturday 8.30am
Wakefield Tuesday 6-7pm
Thursday 6-7pm
Saturday 9-10am
Huddersfield Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm
Thursday 6.30-7.30pm
Saturday 8-9am
Preston Monday and Wednesday 7am
Saturday 9am
Monday and Thursday 6pm
Saturday 9am
Walkden Monday 18:00
Wednesday 19:15
Friday 18:30

Training regularly and eating healthy food is now a way of life for me. I am happy to say I have reached my personal target weight and I am more toned that I ever thought possible. I love the sessions and have met some really fab people. Even though this is a competition, for me it’s been the challenge I needed to change the way I live.

I am fitter, I am much lighter, I am much more positive than I think I would have been had I not been through the last 16 weeks so the benefits go beyond the physical.

If someone had told me I would feel like this a year ago I would have laughed in their face. This programme has given me the knowledge and tools I need to succeed and with a bit of help from Pro-Fit, I WILL maintain it for the rest of my life!

This journey may have started off as a 16 week contest with a possible prize at the end, but not anymore. It is the start of a new way of life that will carry on way past the 16 weeks.

I had energy, my nutrition felt like it should, no pain or bloat and I was really looking forward to training and seeing the great people who were on this same journey with me! The weight started to shift and I could feel the person I used to be starting to come back.

My doctor was not confident that exercise and weight loss alone would sufficiently reduce my blood pressure. However, this has drifted gradually down and is now almost back to normal. My Doctor now says there is no need to consider medication.

Apply Now for A 7 Day Free Trial!

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